Fashion Archive: The 50 Holy Grails of Modern Men’s Fashion

We’re having a particularly great time in menswear, and not just for obvious reasons. Yes, major fashion brands are pouring more creativity and resources into the once staid category than ever before. And yes, we’ve never had a more robust and interesting level of independent designers, mavericks and visionaries reinventing the business. But more than all that, there’s a new cause for excitement: a thriving network of new subcultures is growing around men’s style, demonstrating that fashion isn’t just about what you buy and wear, it’s about something you can participate in, something with layers of meaning and story that rewards those who bend down to take a closer look. The archive scene – an informal network of vintage fashion dealers, collectors and superfans – has transformed masterpieces from past collections into wearable, even essential pieces of today’s menswear universe. today. Dark fashion addicts, sneakerheads, watch freaks, all of these communities have helped keep the best parts of their respective stories spinning today. These 50 pieces were almost all purchased online, and for the right price, if you’re lucky enough to find your size, you can buy and wear them all. And if this Holy Grail doesn’t move you, there are surely 50 others waiting to be discovered.

1. Craig Green

Quilted work jacket
Spring-Summer 2017

Craig Green became a star of the London fashion scene in 2013, but what has kept him vital and important after nearly a decade in business is his willingness to iterate and experiment with his signature work jacket, as he did with this bold baroque patchwork. —Yang-Yi Goh

2. Undercover

85 John
Fall-Winter 2005

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