EXO’s Fashion Brand Baekhyun Selects TXT Yeonjun As Brand Ambassador

EXO’s Fashion Brand Baekhyun Selects TXT Yeonjun As Brand Ambassador

Jul 10, 2022, 12:06 p.m.
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K-pop star Yeonjun is the new brand ambassador for Privé Alliance. (Photo credit: Instagram/@yawnzzn)

Baekhyun, a member of K-pop group EXO, has found a new brand ambassador and guest creative director for his streetwear brand Privé Alliance.

The brand selected TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) group Yeonjun to launch a limited-edition capsule collection in August. It will be available until December this year.

The collaboration will surely bring some interesting and street-chic fashion pieces.

Read on for more details.

Why is this story important?

  • Yeonjun is known for experimenting with everything related to fashion and clothing.
  • Previously, the 22-year-old has repeatedly expressed his opinions about his affinity with the fashion world and how he likes to express himself through his clothes.
  • According to Yeonjun, the collection recalls “a child’s innocence and genuine creativity when seeing an empty canvas.”

The fashion brand formalized its announcement on Twitter

The official Privé Alliance handle made the big announcement on Twitter.

They wrote, “Introducing TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s YEONJUN, the new Prive Alliance Ambassador and Guest Creative Director for a capsule collection launching August 2022 (sic).”

This was accompanied by a photo of the K-pop star and a press release containing information on the parts involved in the upcoming capsule.

Collection includes sketches of the K-pop star printed and embroidered on patches

Privé Alliance described Yeonjun as “one of the hottest rising stars in K-pop.”

“Known as the cool, fashion-forward member of his band and unapologetically sporting versatile outfits – from flowing looks to classic streetwear – the entertainer’s impeccable style is an inspiration to many,” he said. added.

The collection will include sketches made by the TXT artist which will be digitally printed or embroidered onto the pieces.

All about the pieces included in the next capsule collection

The five-piece collection will feature a mix of new garments, including a fitted t-shirt inspired by 1970s ringer t-shirts and baggy blue jeans with embroidered graphics.

As for the brand, Privé Alliance is a popular streetwear brand that draws inspiration from music and culture.

Baekhyun remains the co-creative director and collaborator of the brand and will release another collection in 2023!

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