Eniafe Momodu’s style shows the extravagance of menswear in Nigeria

Over the past two years, Momodu, a University of Leeds graduate who currently works as a photographer, producer and writer, has become one of Lagos’ most recognizable Gen-Z style icons with over 24,000 Instagram followers. . Momodu has brought to life campaigns and productions for companies like Arise Fashion Week, Alara and Ebony Life, and has also hosted his own projects, like New World Brunch. Custom green sound aso oke and gazar silk agbada by Fruche, which he wore during the last Lagos Fashion Week in November, has been praised by numerous publications, including vogue, as one of the best looks of the event. To attend Lagos Is Burning, a ballroom-inspired soiree, he wore tailored all-black dresses, which, in his words, channeled “Andre Leon Talley, Billy Porter and Dominique Jackson.”

“My style is often described as grandiose, larger than life and reminiscent of André Leon Talley.” Eniafe Momodu says from Dubai. But this extravagance contradicts her core fashion philosophy. “My typical figure involves something long and flowing,” he says. “There is a certain ease of movement that I try to convey through my style, which also speaks to my personality. I don’t subscribe to the belief that fashion is pain. Comfort can be very stylish. For me, what I wear doesn’t really depend on how I look. I’m much more concerned with the message behind what I wear. I always think deeply about what a piece of clothing says about me, but also what it says about culture, gender, sustainability and other facets of our society.

Despite being a fashion capital, stores in Lagos offer limited options for plus-size shoppers, especially ready-to-wear brands. Plus size outfits often cost double or triple the price of the same outfit in a smaller size. Momodu has often faced this struggle and instead relies on easily accessible tailors in Nigeria to create her custom wardrobe. It’s a less hassle process, but still not ideal.

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