ENHYPEN takes us behind the scenes of the “Manifesto” world tour in New York

The band’s performance outfits bring in all the glitz and glamour, but they’re not the type of clothing performers typically wear. “Stage costumes should stand out and grab attention,” says Heeseung. “But I prefer a natural style. [So] I try to elevate my look by reusing different items. Heeseung needs to clarify one thing though. “I think I have a sense of fashion,” he admits with a sheepish smile. “I can’t go shopping every day. I go once and I have to take breaks. That’s why he sometimes wears the same clothes. But repetition does not mean a lack of sense of style. Heesung elaborates. “He wanted to release that,” Jake laughed. A smiling Sunoo nods with an “ah” as if fully convinced by Heesung’s elaborate spiel.

Ni-ki, on the other hand, describes his own style more concisely. “I wear what I want. I take into account the changes of season. In the summer, when I go shopping, I buy my t-shirts instead. And for the winter, I buy coats.”

In addition to seasonal changes, ENHYPEN is aware of weather changes, especially when on tour. In particular, humidity affects their skincare routines. “During the tour, in Korea and the United States, the water component is different,” Jungwon explains. “I drink as much water as possible because it’s a bit dry here.” The weather took him some getting used to. “That’s why I clean my face thoroughly,” Jungwon shares. “I used to do it once, but I’ve done it twice here.”

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