Your morning could have looked like this if you woke up and started your day reading Instagram (guilty). Double tap and repeat with Bella Hadid. Repeat the scrolling process to the SKIMS swim launch, double tap, then repeat the process. Scroll to Anne Hathaway – hold your breath – Anne Hathaway (!), triple tap and save.

Anne Hathaway earned her fashion icon image after starring as Andy in The Devil Wears Prada in 2006. The only problem is, we’ve had a Hathaway-style dry spell. Because the actress doesn’t share street style or thirst traps on Instagram (let’s be honest, she’s too sophisticated for that), all we have to do for our A-list inspiration is moments on the red carpet. A year apart, the Oscar-winning Les Miserables actress brought back that cowboy attire. On the left, a cap, maxibolso and black sandals are worn. On the right, a pair of black cowboy boots.

Emma Watson may have played the studious Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, but she’s often well-dressed in real life! That’s not to say studious girls can’t be stylish. Either way, if you’re looking for casual clothing ideas or college style inspiration, here are some of Emma Watson’s best casual fashion photography with our takeaways. One of my favorite aspects of Emma Watson’s personal style is how she frequently mixes staple pieces with a statement piece to create a unique and eye-catching ensemble! Like this white button down shirt with a patterned mini skirt, pendant necklace and slippers.

Source – shilpaahuja

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