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Once again, Dolce & Gabbana delves into its own heritage to chart new perspectives for the brand, based on those aesthetics that have always distinguished it. One of them is the Leo print, a real obsession for the designer duo, which has its roots in their daring take on fashion.

Today, to reinterpret this iconic Dolce & Gabbana print in a contemporary version, the duo have decided to shake things up from the inside, re-imagining this essential in a graphic touch through the application of a framework of associations and of references to insert it in the context of men’s fashion.

This is how the tuxedos, Total Denim Looks and sand-colored pieces in total Leo print were born, for a collection with silhouettes inspired by both street style and work clothes, reinterpreting the most classic clothes with prints. , logos and slogans. Accessories range from classic shoes and sneakers to multifunctional bags and vests, now fundamental elements of urban clothing.

The Leo capsule collection is aimed at these dynamic, unstoppable and always on the move people, who juggle with the obstacles of the city without fear of paradoxes, dualities and aesthetic clashes. A vision of fashion embodied in particular by London and its inhabitants, the Leo Crew, which iD shot for this editorial.


Editor Leo Dolce & Gabbana iD Italy

“Hello! My name is Graham and I am from London. I study cinema, a discipline that allows me to be 100% myself, to express my creativity without limits. I have always been drawn to audiovisual media, be it video or moving images, and I just finished my first short film! A project that talks about voices and the power they have to control your mind. ” – Graham


Editor Leo Dolce & Gabbana iD Italy
Editor Leo Dolce & Gabbana iD Italy

“Hi, my name is Nimie! My friends would describe me as confident, funny and… I don’t know… maybe charming? I can’t wait to start the Fashion Communication course I enrolled in next year, in order to strengthen my journey, which I have already started, as a stylist and model. To be an individual who operates in the world, for me, is to express myself and express my visions without limits or rules, without anyone qualifying me. Being creative gives me the opportunity to do all of this, to express my identity through clothing and art. “- Nimie


Editor Leo Dolce & Gabbana iD Italy
Editor Leo Dolce & Gabbana iD Italy

“Hi, I’m Lucas. I am 23 years old and I come from Valencia. I am a professional skateboarder, and I express myself through sport and the art of graffiti. I love London because it gives me all of this, and in its streets I keep discovering new corners and meeting new people who share my same passions. My community is everything to me. “- Lucas


Editor Leo Dolce & Gabbana iD Italy
Editor Leo Dolce & Gabbana iD Italy

“Hi, I’m Dextra! I’m 19, I’m a non-binary, transfeminine, autistic person, and my pronouns are her / them. Coming to understand and accept all of these aspects of my identity has been extremely complex, but also liberating. Now I understand that I can express myself however I want, without having to conform to set standards or fail to be me. “- Dextra


Editor Leo Dolce & Gabbana iD Italy
Editor Leo Dolce & Gabbana iD Italy

” Hello ! My name is Miles and I am from Croydon. I express myself through sport, especially with running and athletics. that’s kind of what happens to me when I run 100 and 200 meter sprints. Without this tension, I would never have scored 11.1 seconds in the 100 meters! And I still have a long way to go. “- Miles

Police officer

Editor Leo Dolce & Gabbana iD Italy
Editor Leo Dolce & Gabbana iD Italy

“Hello! My name is Bobby and I turned 18 just a few days ago. I’m Gemini, but I’m not a double-faced, I swear! For me, being creative is a very special aspect. and crucial to my personality, because it means expressing myself by being genuine and sincere. For me, there is nothing more beautiful than that. ” – Bobby


Editor Leo Dolce & Gabbana iD Italy
Editor Leo Dolce & Gabbana iD Italy

“Hello, my name is Connor and I am 19 years old. What I love about London is the feeling of belonging to your neighborhood, which makes you really feel at home. But what I also like about this city is the fact that we keep discovering new places and new realities. I like to share my passions with my friends, because they represent me completely, always and in any case. “- Connor


Editor Leo Dolce & Gabbana iD Italy
Editor Leo Dolce & Gabbana iD Italy

“Hey! My name is Natty and I am 27 years old. London, in my opinion, is the perfect city for young creatives. I feel right at home here. So many cultures that intersect and collide, giving life to a sometimes even paradoxical mixture, made of multiple different realities. That’s why I like it, it allows me to broaden my horizons and my points of view. And that’s why it’s so exciting and vital . “- Natty


Photography Jamie Salmon
Video montage Guglielmo del Signore
Creative direction Gloria Maria Cappelletti
Artistic direction Gloria bertuzzi
Fashion editor Giorgia Imbrenda
Executive producer Rosario Rex di Salvo
Producer on the set Carlotta Merzari
Hair: Abra kennedy
Reconcile: Rebecca rojas

Director Southern Europe, iD and i-DEAS Francesca Mapelli
Senior project manager: Valentina curti
Account manager: Benedetta Borioni
Photographer’s assistant: Drew wyllie
Camera operator: Tim spicer

@ lukas.amador
@ connor.wj


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