Design Works art books are back with new covers

New Dark Souls: Design Works Trilogy Prints Are Now Available At Udon

It’s been a long time since we’ve had reason to mention Dark Souls: Design Works — and it’s fun to go back and read Chris’ thoughts on the 2014 art book. If you’re in the mood for some badass dark-fantasy imagery, it’s never too late. Udon Entertainment released reprints of the Design work books for the whole trilogy.

The main difference with these reprints is that they sport a new cover. I’m sure some readers will prefer the quirky tome-like cover design, which is sleek, but I’ll admit I’m a sucker for Gwyn’s crazy concept art – that fiery backdrop really pops.

These hardcover books focus on concept art, key visuals, and character and monster designs, but there are interviews with From Software developers, including big boss Hidetaka Miyazaki. So if you want to see the Capra Demon up close, this is your chance.

The new covers use “production artwork”.

Where to buy them

  • Dark Souls: Design Works on Amazon for $33.08
  • Dark Souls II: Design Works on Amazon for $44.99
  • Dark Souls III: Design Works on Amazon for $44.99

On 128 pages, Dark Souls: Design Works is the lightest of the group; the dispersion Dark Souls II has 240 pages, while Dark Souls III comes out on top with 336 pages.

Do you remember the first time you saw Irithyll of the Boreal Valley? An unforgettable sight, for sure. (Followed by an equally unforgettable moment.)

According to Udonthe three Dark Souls: Design Works the books are now back in stock “while supplies last”. The original prints “may still be available at select outlets.”

If you’ve been there before and done it with the dark souls trilogy, it is worth reminding everyone that Ring of Elden will receive a pair of official guides – the Knowledge Books — from Future Press later this year. I imagine future grandkids digging up a whole shelf full of From Software art books in a cluttered storage unit.

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