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New York – Dappel Dunn wants to save a touchdown with his latest partnership.

The Harlem-based fashion designers, renowned for creating clothing covered in custom luxury brand logos, have teamed up with Pepsi in special capsules to mark the start of the NFL season, which begins this week.

On Wednesday, the Beverage Giants announced a limited-edition collectible collaboration as part of Pepsi’s in-season “Made for Football Watching” campaign, which encourages football fans to catch a glimpse of the NFL game.

“This partnership with Pepsi is great because it’s mostly done here in Harlem,” the 77-year-old haberdashery told The Daily News from its 122nd St. Workshop. “We’re starting out from Harlem, and it’s always great for my community… and I’m thrilled to be able to do what I normally do. “

The capsule contains a handmade lounge chair that Dapper Dan called a “snuggie” in the interview. The collectible hoodie, bob and Pepsi are all specially designed Pepsi x Dapper Dan logos (Pepsi logo, his initials, name in big gold letters).

“Snuggies are the most exciting thing for me,” he shared. “We also have hoodies and I’m really happy with them too. But snuggling is something I’ve never done – that figure. And that’s a lot about football fans in the football season. He says, and it’s very elegant. “

“I think someone’s getting ready to walk the red carpet on a fashion weekend,” Dapper Dan continued with a handmade, fleece-lined “bouncer” with vegan leather pockets. . “So that encompasses a lot of who I stand for and what’s going on now, and the fashion industry and the NFL season has started. “

Officially named ‘Pepsi x Dappeldan Football Watching Capsules’, the collection will be released on the MadeForFootballWatching.com/DapperDan and MadeForFootballWatching.com websites from September 9, with free items for fans until September 23. You can have it.

How was the transaction closed?

“Some talented people at Pepsi have said, ‘Contact Dappeldan and incorporate this logo enthusiast’s ideas into our products. They have a great logo because I’m obsessed with symbolism. Shared by New York Times bestselling author. “And I said, ‘Wow, that would be really eye-catching to have the Pepsi logo with Dapperdan’s Ds. As you know, logomania is what I know. “

The capsule is also announced via a YouTube video featuring former New York Giants Victor Cruz chatting with Dappeldan about the creation of the collection.

Dappel Dan, named Daniel R. Day, has a career spanning more than 35 years.

The former Harlem Husler and wealthy dice player created a bold streetwear design covered in monograms using the logos and badges of European luxury fashion brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi and MCM. He became famous.

It was commonplace among heavyweights and big hip-hop players in New York City in the 1980s, but its own ghetto-like brand has come back to life in the last decade and has finally taken root with Gucci. . This led to a great partnership (“stealing” on social media right after the company’s call).

Eight Fathers were 125th St in 1982. Before opening a 24-hour boutique in Tokyo, the Monogram logo was usually only found on luxury designer handbags.

Dappel Dan is an architect who is expanding the trend he affectionately calls ‘logo mania’ and who is now clothing brand Calvin Klein, Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty, Kim Kardashian’s KKW, and it shows in high-end fashion companies. who criminalized him. At the start of his heyday.

And Pepsi isn’t the only one to get ahead of the 2020 Time 100 winners.

Recently, Pizza Hut launched a clothing line inspired by streetwear style.

Dappeldan was also asked to design outfits to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Ken dolls from Mattel.

“Now we have a platform with steps to do it, so I find that great, because when you’re in the luxury, and you’re just in the luxury. Because when you are, it excludes sections of society, ”he declared. “But by doing this kind of project again, I’m very happy because I can reach everyone on the second and second floors. “

The workshop’s cheapest jacket costs $ 2,700, but he said that kind of partnership emphasizes that Dappeldan isn’t just for the rich and famous.

“It’s not just for the rich and famous,” he said. “It’s for the rich, the rich, and the celebrities coming in today, and that’s why logo enthusiasts are so important… it indicates where you want to go and who you are now.”

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