Click Frenzy “Gamified” Online Sale Begins Tonight With Up To 99% Off



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The Click Frenzy online mega-sale kicks off tonight, offering deep discounts on more than 1,000 brands and adding more pressure on Australia Post’s parcel deliveries ahead of Christmas.

The 53 Hour Sale, which began in 2012, has grown into one of the nation’s largest online shopping events, with over 1,000 Australian and international brands available this year from retailers such as Adore Beauty, David Jones, Adidas and Petbarn. .

Nathan Brown, Managing Director of Click Frenzy’s parent company, Global Marketplace, said SmartCompany he is “thrilled” to work with a mix of large and small retailers around the world.

“We are really excited to be working with many top retailers in Australia like Pure Foods Tasmania and Tribe Skincare, but we are also very happy to have great retailers joining us, such as The Iconic,” said Brown. .

How Click Frenzy Works

Click Frenzy is an aggregator site that collects information from other outlets to offer discounts on a centralized platform.

Once you have registered and entered the site, you can search for offers by category. When you click on a specific promotion, you are taken to the retailer’s site.

Buyers must create an account to access the best deals, including the “Go Wild” promotion of 99% off select products such as Sony TVs, iPhones and KitchenAid blenders.

“The 99% off offers run throughout the selling process starting tonight. You have to register, you have to be on the site and clues are given to buyers, ”says Brown.

A virtual treasure hunt

The secret to Click Frenzy’s growing popularity, according to a marketing and retail expert, is how it gamifies the online shopping experience.

Gary Mortimer, professor of marketing at the Queensland University of Technology, recounts SmartCompany the sale seems to be increasing every year.

“One of the unique characteristics of Click Frenzy over a standard online sale is the level of gamification,” says Mortimer.

The sale has a ticker that counts down the time remaining before the start of the sale and the time remaining before the end of the sale.

“It creates a level of anticipation and urgency when the event takes place,” says Mortimer.

Click Frenzy also offers a virtual scavenger hunt, encouraging shoppers to browse different pages to locate the deal they are looking for.

Put pressure on parcel deliveries

Click Frenzy’s gigantic sale comes as Australia Post warns buyers that November is likely to be the busiest month of the year for pre-Christmas package deliveries.

Gary Starr, executive managing director of business, government and international affairs at Australia Post, said this month’s orders will increase thanks to more retailers participating in Click Frenzy and more consumers shopping. Christmas earlier.

“Based on our latest customer research, we know this growth will continue with more than two in five shoppers planning to purchase their Christmas presents online this month, making November the top month. popular for online Christmas shopping, ”Starr said.

Australia Post prepared for increased parcel delivery volumes by creating 45 new operational and retail locations, hiring more than 4,000 new team members and making weekend deliveries if necessary.

Mortimer says there has been a lot of talk about the challenges with package deliveries, which have been pushed back to 21 days.

“But I think if you buy in early November, you’re guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas,” Mortimer says.

“If you wait until later in the month, I think you will do it pretty close. “

Click Frenzy marks the start of a peak period for retailers, with Singles Day, Black Friday, and Cyber ​​Monday following online sales throughout November leading up to Christmas.


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