CCD’s luxury Beijing apartment is inspired by the bottega veneta

ccd creates a soberly elegant living space

Inside a soaring skyscraper in Sanlitun, the busiest mall in beijing, ChinaCCD designs a series of luxury apartments on the theme of century-old international brands of the highest level (see their FENDI apartment here). The Practice based in Hong Kong has now unveiled ‘One Sanlitun Bottega Veneta’, a luxury apartment that takes inspiration from the iconic Italian luxury fashion house. Here, CCD integrates Bottega Veneta’s understated aesthetics in spatial design, to create a first-class yet unpretentious home.

As a brand, Bottega Veneta is renowned for its sleek and subtle design aesthetic. With an esteemed reputation for its artful design and woven leather craftsmanship, the brand is timeless, yet constantly stays up to date on the latest trends in haute couture and luxury. Like this, each object introduced into the apartment space by CCD inherits Bottega Veneta’s pursuit of fine craftsmanship, and the overall spatial style and design details perpetuate precision and aesthetics. sober of the brand. The apartment’s design seamlessly integrates Bottega Veneta’s classic Intrecciato weave into furniture and trim, and demonstrates elaborate layout and material selection.

all photographs by Wang Ting Stand

a sanlitun bottega house is unpretentious luxury

The lobby is a vast double-height space, adding depth and dimension to the area and conveying the pursuit of quality living. CCD incorporates a grand marble spiral staircase that not only connects the upper and lower levels, but also acts as an art installation, with its graceful curves adding dynamic rhythms to the space. Next to the sculptural staircase, the weave of the wall veneers draws inspiration from Bottega Veneta’s iconic Intrecciato pattern, emphasizing a distinct character while exploring integration into modern living to create an upscale living atmosphere.

The designers clearly express the multidimensional imagination and artistic aesthetic of Bottega Veneta in the large open-plan living and dining room. Here, patio doors offer a 270° panoramic view of the outdoors, blurring the line between indoors and outdoors. The living room is dominated by an ambient mix of neutral tones and textures. Italian-style artwork, high-end furnishings and fine craftsmanship all embody the fashion brand’s unique modern luxury taste. The wine cellar, fireplace, plush carpeting, leather and classic Bottega Veneta intertwining elements give the space refined details. In the dining room, a round dark marble table overlooks the city, and black braided leather chairs, a pure expression of the brand’s identity, provide a modern artistic touch and an elegant visual effect.

Unifying the visual effects, bespoke interior fixtures are designed with shades that reference Bottega Veneta’s signature interwoven pattern. Neutral tones and tactile fabrics add to the warm feel of the space, accentuated by the sunlight filtering into the rooms through the large windows. The rooms are respectively interpreted by geometric shapes, earth tones and braided leathers.

CCD's luxury Beijing apartment draws inspiration from Bottega Veneta's aesthetic
the spacious entrance hall is a vast double-height space, creating a magnificent atmosphere

CCD's luxury Beijing apartment draws inspiration from Bottega Veneta's aesthetic
earthy tones and textures create an understated warm and luxurious ambience

CCD's luxury Beijing apartment draws inspiration from Bottega Veneta's aesthetic
a mix of textures make up the interior and furnishings

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