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A loan of 1300 net is possible in principle if “net” is the pure labor income. Nevertheless, there are no big leaps from this income.

We want you to get the credit that you have in mind and that you can actually afford. Our credit advisor uses formulas and information to explain what is possible, where there are limits and what offers are possible.

Credit with 1300 net – basic

Credit with 1300 net - basic

Whether a loan with 1300 net wages can be approved depends on other factors. In principle, credit institutions are encouraged to only grant “safe” loans. Credit security serves both to protect the creditor and the debtor. People shouldn’t get a loan they can’t afford.

Across Europe, commercial lenders are subject to the condition that only secure loans may be granted. Only private donors were exempt from this requirement. They are considered “not systemically important”. There is room for maneuver because each bank sets its own standards for how it defines and implements credit security. Regular credit providers decide on credit based on the credit bureau credit rating and the score.

In addition, there is a check of real solvency. The budgetary bill is a decisive factor in whether a loan of 1300 net is granted. They must prove that there is sufficient money to pay the installments out of the net working income. For regular credit, it also plays a crucial role whether and to what extent attachable income can be proven.

Labor income – the most important factor in credit security

Labor income - the most important factor in credit security

If a TV costs 1300 USD, then it does not matter to the dealer where the money comes from. Every legal source of money enables payment. It is different for lending. Social benefits provided by the state, such as child benefit, are not attachable. To assess the creditworthiness of an installment loan, credit institutions usually only allow income that is subject to social security contributions.

In addition, the 1300 net loan is expected to last as long as the loan runs. That is why many banks are demanding an unlimited employment contract for lending. – But even a permanent employment contract does not offer a credit guarantee. For example, if the employer were a temporary employment agency, many banks would reject the loan application without being checked.

“Hire and fire” in the industry means that the income of temporary workers is considered insecure. The self-employed face a similar problem. Your income is often very high, but it is considered insecure. As a result, the self-employed often do not get credit, while lifetime officials carry the loan offers practically into the house. They cannot be terminated and the income is considered extremely secure.

Garnishment exemption limits – hurdle for regular credit

Garnishment exemption limits - hurdle for regular credit

Loans with 1300 net working income are easily possible if no dependents have to be supported with the income. – Provided there are no other credit rating restrictions, such as a negative credit bureau or high payment obligations. Work income is only protected against attachment up to a net income of USD 1,079.

It would be possible to attach 158.47 USD per month. This results in the first rule of thumb, installment payments in the amount of the attachability, in this case just under 160 USD, are considered safe. In this case, however, cell phone contracts, savings contracts or other long-term payment obligations such as old-age provision would have to be considered. The amount that remains after their payment would be the maximum rate.

However, if two people had to live on an income of 1300 USD, finding a loan would be more difficult. In this case, the income would be attachable up to 1479.99 USD. The loan search would therefore have to be limited to loan offers that are also granted below the pledge limit. A loan with guarantor to secure the loan would also be conceivable.

Loan despite being unassociable

Loan despite being unassociable

Our example for banks is not generally binding. For example, Best Lender offers the installment loan from a net income of 600 USD per month. With even less income, the house bank could grant overdraft facilities or apply for a “real” credit card. It is easy for anyone to decide for themselves which rate level is compatible with income so that there are no bottlenecks.

Spending about 10 percent of net income on repayments is usually easy for the household budget. With a loan of 1300 net, it would be around 130 USD per month for current payment obligations that are not part of the “normal” cost of living. (Ordinary living expenses would be rent, water, electricity, food, …).

Serious credit – tailor-made offers

Serious credit - tailor-made offers

Small income loan searches don’t have to go from bank to bank or from broker to broker. If the overdraft facility is exhausted, but a larger bill still needs to be paid urgently, a quick loan can come from Good Bank, for example. A microcredit with a maximum term of 90 days can be approved from a monthly income of $ 500 or more. (Payment for real-time customers possible in real time).

If an installment loan is to be applied for, two reputable and at the same time convenient financing options open up. Installment credit for purchase can come directly from the seller of the goods, despite very low income. Department store loans are said to promote sales, so income claims are very moderate.

We recommend that you use the loan application via Best Lender to make free use of the installment loan. Best Lender has been providing credit from private to private for years. At the same time, the loan could be granted at 1300 net from a credit institution connected to Best Lender.

Take a credit for two people. /take-a-credit-for-two-people/ Tue, 03 Dec 2019 07:46:59 +0000 http://www.naturabebes.com/2019/12/03/take-a-credit-for-two-people/

Credit for two people can fulfill common desires, create a future perspective, but also become a burden.

We want you to fulfill your dreams with the concentrated power of double creditworthiness. Nevertheless, we will not withhold the disadvantages of borrowing from two people and will refer you to alternatives.

Credit for two people – the basis of common goals

Credit for two people - the basis of common goals

The majority of couples apply for a loan for two people. There is nothing wrong with it when couples bundle their mutual creditworthiness and fulfill their life dreams. Joint application can be just as useful for building a house as for an extended trip around the world. What actually happens to the money can play a subordinate role as long as both participate equally in the loan.

Legislators lay down the need for couples to sign the loan application together even though they are legally married. – Because the law does not provide that spouses are automatically liable for each other. Legislators deliberately limit liability for debts to credit that is aimed at living together. A typical example would be the loan for the rolls at the bakery.

In this case, the legislator automatically assumes that the rolls will end up on the common breakfast table. Both participate equally and should of course be jointly liable for this “family loan”. The situation is different if only one spouse were the tenant of the marital home. In case of doubt, the landlord can only be sure of the liability of his direct contractual partner.

Loan for married couples – lender’s perspective

Loan for married couples - lender

Lenders are faced with the (legally required) wish to grant “only secure credit”, the problem that the state protects the spouse from joint liability. Often clerks are pushing for credit for two people. They push, even though a borrower would “be enough” and the loan does not have a common goal. A few credit institutions even stipulate in their application conditions that married couples, from a sum of X upwards, can only apply together.

The purpose of this measure is to prevent “cat and mouse” from being played with enforcement authorities in the event of coercive measures. Another incentive is the commission for credit insurance. If two borrowers take out insurance, the insurance premiums and probably also the brokerage commission of the bank double. Against this background, it is not advisable to conclude the loan with the co-applicant.

To request a co-applicant without a factual reason does not correspond to the basic ethical principle of serious credit transactions. Every lender takes credit risks within reasonable limits. It is precisely for this that he receives his interest as a “risk equalization”. Every co-applicant should defend themselves without pursuing a common goal with the loan, but being fully liable.

Avoid co-applicant credit

Avoid co-applicant credit

Without the common goal of taking out a loan for two people, it is avoidable. A simple change of provider, if necessary at a slightly higher interest rate, can eliminate the unnecessary liability risk. When looking for a regular loan on their own responsibility, free loan comparisons support the prospect. It takes less than five minutes to change providers.

The situation is more difficult when credit institutions require a guarantor or co-applicant, since real credit risks prevent lending without the partner. But even in the most difficult cases, no second person has to share the credit risk without receiving personal benefits. If, from a professional point of view, someone cannot afford their loan, then they should not take it up for self-protection.

Nevertheless, the score, as a decision criterion for regular credit, could make a wrong judgment. In such cases, a few credit institutions, easily findable through reputable intermediaries, offer the examination of the individual case. In the individual case examination, a person actually decides on the granting of credit based on the submitted documents. If the clerk recognizes the real credit risk as acceptable, the loan would be avoided for two people.

To the loan without Credit bureau from Liechtenstein, special providers offer loan solutions that support the waiver of guarantors and co-applicants. Taking on your own responsibility not to get a loan, although the prospect could afford the loan you want is more of an excuse than a reality. There are even offers for a self-employed person’s credit wish that is difficult to find due to a lack of income security.

Loan without partner – private lenders

Loan without partner - private lenders

Since the Basel Treaty, the self-employed and freelancers have actually been “disadvantaged” when they want to apply for a loan. Disadvantaged because they can no longer easily pass on their high credit risk to the solidarity community of borrowers. Credit institutions virtually automatically request self-employed persons to take out a loan for two people. Without a secure income from work, which is why the Extra multinational contracts were concluded, lending would be too risky.

Creating credit security through the working spouse remains avoidable. Solid business ideas today finance businesses through crowdfunding or as a private loan. Addressing private lenders on a serious basis is what Best Lender and Good Finance offer the perfect environment for. Both portals have been providing scandal-free private loans in difficult cases for years.

Of course, viable business models can inspire private lenders. They offer. If there are sufficient bids and the borrower has accepted them, the loan is considered approved. The credit for two people is reserved for what it is actually intended for – to fulfill couples’ common wishes.

Tax reduction makes it easier to group credits. /tax-reduction-makes-it-easier-to-group-credits/ Mon, 11 Nov 2019 08:06:26 +0000 http://www.naturabebes.com/2019/11/11/tax-reduction-makes-it-easier-to-group-credits/

As Frans Hollay promised during his campaign, the withholding tax will come into force in France in 2018.

If the other European countries such as Denmark, Germany or the Netherlands now resort to this reform, France remains the last country not to have adopted it. In late July 2016, the Secretary of State for the Budget, Francis Garmoni said that he was using fundamental means so that it could be applied by 2018.

On the one hand, withdrawing the tax from the individual’s account when paying his salary does not reassure some, however. On the other hand, lower taxes on real estate have allowed many investors to buy back their loans.

A complex tax system in France

A complex tax system in France

Source sampling has been practiced in the Netherlands since 1941, in Denmark since 1970 and in Germany since 1925. France remains the only European country not to resort to this practice. This can be explained by the country’s complex tax system, which is difficult to manage, according to Vinz Dolce.

The State will not take care of the concerns of implementation and the cost of this reform. For him, it is the companies that must carry out the levy to assume all the costs.

The employers’ organization nevertheless regrets this situation although it is not against the reform. For its Associate Vice-President, reality was not considered when the latter was put in place. In response to this, the government then replied through Mike Sain that the Mouvement des entreprises de France has nothing to fear, because there will be no additional costs and the workload will be tempered.

Redemption of credits and tax deduction

Redemption of credits and tax deduction

Interest rates have been lowered in the real estate sector and some have the possibility of buying back loans to take advantage of them. The interest allowing a deduction is related to the capital of the initial loan.

However, the situation is complicated if the investor wants to extend the term of his loan or if he wants the repayment conditions to change.

Note that the deduction is equivalent to all of the costs paid during the taxable year and of which the owner can have proof.

Smart taking out a mortgage /smart-taking-out-a-mortgage/ Tue, 06 Aug 2019 10:32:56 +0000 http://www.naturabebes.com/2019/08/06/smart-taking-out-a-mortgage/ Do you want to buy a house? You probably don’t have enough financial resources to pay the purchase price in cash. You will have to take out a mortgage. Do you know enough about the different mortgages? How do you choose the right mortgage provider? Some tips are probably welcome.

The tips mainly consist of the choice you make regarding the chosen loan form. Fortunately, you will find enough providers on the internet that immediately show the current interest.

This can give you a good indication of the interest rate that you should take into account. The lowest percentage that I have come across is at the time of writing 3.05% for 30 years fixed and without National Mortgage Guarantee. about the NHG I will inform you how you qualify.

Types of mortgage


Until 2019 there were many types of mortgages: the savings mortgage, the interest-only mortgage, the investment mortgage and the hybrid mortgage. Did you take out a mortgage for 2019? Then it is perhaps one of these forms. Until 2019, the interest on this type of mortgage was deductible. The consumer who has / has had one of the above mortgages will in the meantime have switched via an offer from the bank to an annuity or a linear mortgage. Important, otherwise no interest deduction can take place.

Annuity mortgage

You repaid an annuity mortgage completely at the end of the term. You pay a fixed amount per month. Initially you mainly pay interest. Later you mainly relieve. You can therefore deduct a lot of interest at the start of the term. The monthly charges are therefore low. You pay off later and pay less interest. So you can deduct less. The monthly charges are therefore higher. In the image below you can see the course of this mortgage type during 10 years.

Search for the best mortgage

Search for the best mortgage

Are you buying a house for the first time? You then have to look for the mortgage with the lowest costs, because you do not want to pay too much for 30 years. How do you search for the best mortgage? A few tips:
It seems logical to take out the mortgage at the bank where you have been a customer for years. However, there are probably lenders who offer a mortgage with a lower interest rate or better conditions. Here you see an overview of the current interest rate with a 30-year fixed-rate period, which you can adjust as desired.

Independent mortgage adviser

Independent mortgage adviser

It is therefore advisable to have an independent mortgage adviser compare the conditions and interest rates of the various lenders. That comparison can help you find the right mortgage. You can also easily find on the internet what the interest is at the moment to get an indication of what is common. You can then use this information as a guide for advising a requested quote. If this offer is much less favorable than what you have found on the internet, then you know that you have to look further.

Do you opt for the lowest interest rate?

Do you opt for the lowest interest rate?

It seems logical to opt for the mortgage provider with the lowest interest rate. Don’t forget to also delve into the conditions attached to a mortgage. Unfavorable conditions can cost you a lot of money later.

Not all costs are covered

Remember that when you take out a mortgage you also incur costs that are not covered by the mortgage. These costs amount to approximately 6% of the purchase price. The one-off costs include the costs for mortgage advice, brokerage fees, transfer tax, appraisal costs and notary fees. You must pay these costs with your own money. Do you not have enough of your own money? Perhaps you can get a Starter Loan from the municipality. Another option might be to buy your first home with financial support from your parents.

Debts reduce the amount

Remember that debts have a negative impact on the maximum mortgage amount. Do you want to take out a high mortgage? It is then necessary to reduce any credit you have with your bank or credit card. Do you have a student loan? Remember that your study debt also decreases your maximum mortgage.
Do you have a well-filled savings account? You can then consider putting part of your money into your own home. You then have to pay less. The monthly charges are therefore lower.

How To Get A Loan With The Ellena Family Website /how-to-get-a-loan-with-the-ellena-family-website/ Mon, 08 Jul 2019 04:44:08 +0000 http://www.naturabebes.com/2019/07/08/how-to-get-a-loan-with-the-ellena-family-website/

Did you know that in Ellena family we have a website dedicated exclusively to loans? This is our personal loans simulator, a tool that we make available to our clients and not yet clients, so that anyone can get the best possible financing .


Get your personal loan through the Ellena family website

personal loan

Why ask for a loan from Ellena family ? Because we always search, compare and negotiate with the best financial institutions to get you the best loans and credit cards customized for you, based on your needs and possibilities.

Through Ellena family / loans you can make a request for your personal loan. It’s as easy as following these steps:

  • In ” How much money do you want to get ” select the amount that interests you. It can be a figure between 1,000 and 40,000 euros. When you have it, click “Continue.”
  • The following will indicate the figure you want to return each month (if you do not have it 100% of course do not worry, you can change it later)
  • Indicate what you will use that money for: travel, studies, etc.
  • Now mark how much you enter each month: less than 650 euros, more than 1,800 euros, etc.
  • Indicate how much you pay for loans, mortgages and / or financing each month.
  • Confirm if you are on the ASNEF / RAI delinquency list.
  • Indicate your employment status: self-employed, pensioner, etc.
  • Register in Ellena family or log in with your data to send your request.

Once you have done these steps, you will have to indicate some more information, such as address, type of work, if you have children, etc. But do not worry, if you have any questions you can consult it or request information without any commitment by calling us or sending us an email to the address of the Ellena family site.

As you can see, the steps to follow are very simple and really anyone without computer skills can request more information about their personal loan through Ellena family. The loan is processed in just 5 minutes , so we will not steal too much time.

The management is done without paperwork and without payroll; all the possible comforts for the client, so that you can have your Ellena family personal loan in less than 24 hours.

In addition, we adapt totally to you, because we calculate your financial capacity based on the information provided and your FinScore so that we can offer you the best loan in a responsible way, so that you can repay it month by month in comfortable installments and without notice.


Why take out your personal loan through the Ellena family website?

Why take out your personal loan through the Ellena family website?

Many clients claim that “it is faster and easier than with other more traditional entities .” And it is that in Ellena family we want to help you in all your projects and be there whenever you need it, to give you customized financing and that you do not have to give up anything because you do not have liquidity at any given time. That is why using our personal loans simulator you will know how much you can access and under what conditions, all in a responsible way.


Or if you prefer it also from the app!

Or if you prefer it also from the app!

We have just told you how to get a loan with the Ellena family website , but if you prefer you can also do it from our Ellena family app for Android or iOS. The download is completely free.

After creating an account and logging in with your data, you will only have to connect your bank accounts so that we can calculate your FinScore and based on that offer you a personal loan with the best possible conditions for you.

Through our personal loans simulator you can perform a simulation whenever you want, to know what maximum amount of money you can access at any time. Not bad at all, right?

Thanks for reading our blog, remember that if you have any questions or suggestions you can leave it in the comments?

Now the bank can test trial too /now-the-bank-can-test-trial-too/ Fri, 05 Jul 2019 04:49:49 +0000 http://www.naturabebes.com/2019/07/05/now-the-bank-can-test-trial-too/


According to a study commissioned by Good Finance Bank, Finns are dissatisfied with their banks. A study published in February shows that as many as 79 percent of Finns feel that banks are pursuing their own interests, and 86 percent think that banks mainly finance their services. Otherwise, the results of the investigation were not flattering to the banks, as they were accused of, among other things. greed, unreliability and dictation policy.

V-warranty for new customers

V-warranty for new customers

In response to the poor research results, Good Finance Bank has launched a so-called v-guarantee for new customers. In practice, a v-guarantee means that the customer has a 90-day trial period for a new bank relationship, and if the customer is dissatisfied with the bank’s services, the bank will assist with the transfer of business to another bank. All service charges, margins, and other costs paid during the trial period will also be refunded to the customer.

Does not show any interest


“Many Finns are trapped in a bad bank relationship. The current partner does not show any interest, but they are not switching. Change is perceived as too cumbersome, or even better is not known. We wanted to solve this problem, ”explains Sean Brown, Business Director of Good Finance Bank, in a press release issued by the bank.

Initially, the v guarantee is available to new customers until the end of May, but it is possible to make the policy permanent if there is demand, outlined by Good Finance Bank.

What is Good Finance Bank?


Good Finance Bank is a bank with six branches in the Helsinki metropolitan area, focusing on serving families and small businesses. The bank currently employs over 80 people. Grönlund describes the bank as an agile and urban village bank with the ability to try out approaches that the big banks cannot. “We are constantly looking for new ways to revolutionize the stale concept of dealing with a bank. It’s time to go with the customer, not the bank, ”Grönlund says.

Credit redemption: 8 tips to apply after a restructuring /credit-redemption-8-tips-to-apply-after-a-restructuring/ Mon, 24 Jun 2019 10:07:02 +0000 http://www.naturabebes.com/2019/06/24/credit-redemption-8-tips-to-apply-after-a-restructuring/

Explanations about credit redemption in all its aspects! However, it would be beneficial to have a synthesis of actions and concrete advice for balanced budget management. http://www.jacahuesca.com/online-small-business-loans-a-business-loan-is-available-immediately/ for further explanation

Check out the 8 tips to apply after a loan restructuring operation!

Organize budget management and honor all account withdrawals

Organize budget management and honor all account withdrawals

This is to avoid the rejection of withdrawals accompanied by bank charges, as well as a file at the Banque de France for payment incidents.

Set up a programmed savings 

Set up a programmed savings 

It is recommended to set up a programmed savings in order to allow you the constitution of a security nest egg. In case of exceptional expenses, you will be a comfortable financial mattress and will avoid you to call on credit.

Make sure you maintain a reasonable debt ratio

Make sure you maintain a reasonable debt ratio

It is by ensuring a stable household debt ratio, that the cash inflow and outflow will be done smoothly. You have to start worrying as soon as it exceeds 40%. However, a higher debt ratio can be controlled provided a significant household income.

Keep only one bank account

Keep only one bank account

After a credit consolidation operation, it is strongly advised to close all bank accounts without any concrete utility. Only a bank account must be opened, this is more than enough for the good management of the budget. Over a period of 12 months, a real savings in management fees for account is achieved.

Stop using renewable credits

Stop using renewable credits

It is better to avoid the use of revolving credits that degrade the good health of bank accounts. An easy way out that accentuates household debt. Drawing money from one reserve to another to meet household expenses leads to over-indebtedness!

Frequent use of bank overdraft = danger!

Frequent use of bank overdraft = danger!

Using the authorized bank overdraft too often means having financial difficulties to make ends meet. There are two reasons, it is about daily expenses whose recurrence is due to you. So, it is advisable to stop his untimely expenses. Either they are credits subscribed after your credit consolidation transaction, and in this case, you can try to make a repurchase redemption of credits.

Have a global vision of the management of your budget

Have a global vision of the management of your budget

Managing your monthly budget requires having a global view of the inflows and outflows of money fluctuating in your bank account. A sterile linear vision, which consists of treating financial movements one after the other, day, day, leads the right home to a certain excessive indebtedness. Especially, if the presence of savings is non-existent.

Invest in a real estate project

Invest in a real estate project

By decreasing the monthly charges of credits in repayment, the restructuring of loans entitles to a reduction in the debt ratio of the household. Depending on the nature of the consolidated loans and the spread of the debts, the gain on the operation can reach 60%. A drop that can allow the realization of a mortgage at the best rate thanks to a better borrower profile.

A credit redemption operation offers borrowers the opportunity to rethink the management of their budget. It is a question of undertaking a partial or total overhaul of all its credits. Depending on the financial situations encountered during the processing of client files, consolidation of loans can have several effects.

Mortgage Interest Forecast September /mortgage-interest-forecast-september/ Sun, 23 Jun 2019 10:26:28 +0000 http://www.naturabebes.com/2019/06/23/mortgage-interest-forecast-september/

How does the mortgage interest rate develop in September? We have listed the most important market developments for our interest rate expectations, including the stock market crash and inflation.


Stock market crash China

At the end of August, the most important Chinese stock market index fell by 8.5% in one day. It was the denouement of disappointing demand that had been hanging over the market for a while. In the fall, the Chinese stock market took the international stock markets with it. The stock market crash was one of the setbacks in the economic recovery.


Disappointing inflation

Disappointing inflation

Another disappointment is the recent European inflation figures. Although the inflation figures for August are not yet known, they are less optimistic in recent months. The strong growth that started in the Eurozone in January seems to be the case. The ECB, therefore, has no reason to stop the stimulus measures that are partly responsible for the current low mortgage interest rates.


Confidence dropped

This has reduced investor confidence and has a depressing effect on market figures . The capital market in particular is strongly influenced by international trade. This indicator for the long-term mortgage interest rate (for example, fixed for 20 years) started a slightly downward trend after June. It must become clear in the coming period whether this dip is temporary.


The margin on mortgage interest

The margin on mortgage interest

In August, it was announced that the margin on mortgage interest rates had fallen. Lenders have opted to pass on the increase in market interest rates in May and June to a limited extent in the mortgage interest rate. Due to the increased competition from insurers and pension funds, banks have to keep up with the interest rate cuts in order not to lose even more market share.


September interest rate forecast

Confidence dropped

In view of these developments, we expect mortgage interest rates to remain at their current low levels in September and possibly fall further. Tip: register for the Interest Rate Flash and follow the mortgage interest closely.

Quick Credits Unseat Traditional Credits /quick-credits-unseat-traditional-credits/ Wed, 29 May 2019 07:59:25 +0000 http://www.naturabebes.com/2019/05/29/quick-credits-unseat-traditional-credits/

We have been saying this for some time now, and the alternatives to obtain financing have changed in recent years. After the strong global crisis, it was when the rapid credits reached their peak and popularity because it is a faster and more convenient option to get the money needed to cover monthly expenses. It is now later, just when we are in a stage of economic recovery when this financial product is still one of the preferred by users despite the fact that credit lines in traditional entities have expanded.

Thanks to the fact that the range of options for obtaining credits have changed so much, not only is that fast loans have entered the market, but currently they occupy a privileged position thanks to their agility , speed and ease in all procedures.

Traditionally we were accustomed to enduring long bureaucratic processes in a difficult market and with many obstacles so that with fast loans it has been possible to have the money when you want without having to wait more than 2 days to enjoy it. This is especially relevant, especially in cases where the user is faced with urgent unforeseen events such as non-payment of a higher bill, the breakdown of a car …


In addition to the speed

credit card

Another of the secrets is the simplicity of the procedures as they are done online so you only need to have a device with Internet access without the need to travel. Its interface is very simple and the process is carried out by filling in a very simple form with very basic data with the objective always to make the procedure as easy as possible.

As for your waiting period, it is sometimes only a few minutes or a maximum of 48 hours. Gone are the long waits of even months in traditional banks to apply for a loan.

However, most of these fast loans offer amounts of up to 800 euros at most since they are designed for minimum expenses, however, more and more companies are applying this same methodology for credits of higher amounts such as for the purchase of a car or the completion of a home renovation.


Security and transparency supports them

credit Security

Since there are thousands of people who have requested at least once this type of fast credits, they are also usually characterized by clearly and concisely exposing all the data as the interests generated so that the user has knowledge of the first You will pay with the peace of mind of forgetting the dreaded small letters.


Are they or are they not attractive?

Are they or are they not attractive?

Actually we are facing a financial product of the most succulent market and therefore the most demanded since they adapt to the needs of citizens .

However, experts recommend not making abusive use of them and requesting them whenever the financial need is real and consistent so that they can then face their reimbursement with the interest generated.

If you look at your return period , we see how the average time usually ranges between 1 and 3 months since they are small amounts, they are more likely to return than if we were dealing with larger amounts of money. In addition, some of these fast credit granting companies have postponement services for a longer period of time to give the client an extra period in the collection of the money to be returned. This characteristic feature is one of the best evidence we have to see how loans are intended for users with liquidity problems at specific times.

And who has never had a month with more expenses than normal such as Christmas, holidays, back to school or an unforeseen as a higher bill?


The secret to getting the most out of fast credits

The secret to getting the most out of fast credits

It is based on knowing perfectly what you want to allocate the requested money and use it exclusively on that to later be able to make the return of it since what becomes an opportunity and advantage to face any financial difficulty can end up in an economic problem.