Canadian cannabis company High Tide announces 2 white label partnerships



High Tide Inc., a cannabis retail company based in Calgary, Aberta, Canada, has announced two white label partnerships. The company will work with Heritage Cannabis Holdings, a vertically integrated cannabis supplier, and Loosh Inc., a manufacturer of edibles and finished cannabis products. Heritage and Loosh will manufacture High Tide’s “Cabana Cannabis Co”. branded shatter concentrate and THC gummies respectively.

High Tide is the most profitable Canadian recreational cannabis retailer by Adjusted EBITDA, with 93 locations in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. High Tide’s retail segment includes the Canna Cabana, Meta Cannabis Co., and Meta Cannabis Supply Co. banners, with additional locations being developed across the country. High Tide has been in business for over a decade through its established ecommerce platforms including,,, and Recently, the company has expanded into the hemp-derived CBD space through and as well as its wholesale distribution division under Valiant Distribution, including licensed entertainment maker Famous Brandz.

“I am delighted to announce the new white label deployment of High Tide, which has been in the works for some time,” said Raj Grover, President and CEO of High Tide. “We have taken a measured approach by launching our own private label products given the oversupply of branded biomass in the Canadian market. This is why we are proceeding cautiously by making an entry in the 2.0 category which is much less crowded. We are also in discussions with licensed Canadian producers to introduce selected products from the FABCBD catalog to our store network and look forward to expanding to other categories in due course as market dynamics evolve.

Heritage Cannabis was among the first companies to launch “dab” and “live resin” products in Canada. They rank in the top three for concentrate sales in Canada. Loosh Brands is a private licensed producer of cannabis products that supports top brands, formats and retailers from its strategic production and sensory testing facility in Toronto.

“We admire High Tide’s focus on consumer education and premium retail, and are proud to partner with them to bring High Tide brand concentrates into the hands of Canadian consumers.” said David Schwede, CEO and President of Recreational Cannabis. at Heritage Cannabis. “This strategic relationship allows us to strengthen and expand our portfolio of concentrates and provides the opportunity to continue our partnership with one of the leading cannabis retailers in the country.”


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