Bushnell Golf enters the Launch Monitor market with the introduction of the Launch Pro



“Bushnell Golf is committed to innovating, advancing technology and supporting the golf consumer as they build confidence in their game. Start Pro will provide our primary consumers with access to the best technology for measuring and analyzing ball strikes, which will support our consumers in their quest for improvement, ”said Vishak Sankaran, President of Bushnell. “Start Pro is also expanding our offerings in the lifestyle-inspired off-course golf segment. Start Pro users will have access to several course simulations to enhance their home or off course gaming experience. ”

According to the director of the Bushnell golf course John DeCastro, “The partnership with Foresight Sports aims to bring the right technology to the wider golf community. All golf enthusiasts have learned that launch monitors – especially Foresight Sports launch monitors – have become a staple. Our partnership with the Foresight Sports team is based on a common and singular vision: to provide cutting-edge technology to increase both the enjoyment and the skills of players in the game of golf. Start Pro to our industry-leading product line is just one more example of how our companies are realizing this vision and staying committed to the game. “

“Our two teams are the right combination to win in the growing market for launch monitors. Foresight Sports’ cutting edge technology combined with the strength of the Bushnell Golf brand will facilitate growth in new and existing golf markets, ”said Foresight Sports Co-Founder, Jon watters. “This is an incredibly exciting time to be a part of this sport. Not only to witness the evolution of our game towards a broader and more enhanced user experience through technology, but to actively help golfers improve themselves. while developing the game and reaching new users. We are excited about the future and about this partnership with Bushnell Golf. ”

the Start Pro will be available for purchase on BushnellGolf.com and in select golf stores nationwide this fall.

For more information on the new Bushnell Golf Start Pro, please visit: www.bushnellgolf.com

About Bushnell Golf
Bushnell Golf is the industry leader in golf measuring devices, including laser range finders and GPS devices. Our brand has been the # 1 rangefinder in professional golf for over a decade with 98.1% of PGA Tour pros choosing to use our product. Our guiding principle is to continuously advance the game by bringing revolutionary game improvement technologies to increase both the enjoyment and the skill of the players.

About Foresight Sports
Foresight Sports develops the most advanced and reliable performance analysis solutions in the golf industry. The brand is responsible for the Tour-dominating GCQuad Launch Monitor and the best-selling Launch Monitor of all time, the GC2. Outdoors or indoors, from state-of-the-art monitors and launch software to the ultimate virtual golf experience, Foresight Sports is your total technology solution.

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