BTS member J-Hope’s outfits scream DRIPPY in these images

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Since the beginning of his career, J-Hope has been at the service of looks. Although his style has changed since then, it is obvious that he has always been interested in fashion. For some reason, the other members dubbed him “the one with the most opulent fashion taste,” right? And he wears the title with pride, while being magnificent. There’s nothing J-Hope can’t do, from household names to independent designers, fun accessories, layers and textures. For the same reason, we’ve picked out some of our favorite clothes under the BTS sunshine, either for inspiration or for sheer aesthetic pleasure.

J-Hope’s greatest strength is his ability to turn even the most basic outfit into a fashion statement by adding small embellishments. A pop of color on her feet, a handbag, some jewelry, and even the chunky headphones add to her ensemble. They all work together to produce a look we will never forget. Having a good time with monochrome? J-Hope has a job to do. He’s been wearing a lot of big pieces lately, and he knows how to put them together to make them stand out. A base color, several textures and patterns, and of course a nice matching bag, and you’re done!

You have a Hobi-like appearance. He may be the king of statement pieces, but that doesn’t mean he can’t pull off anything basic. In the details, the all-black garments transition into a Hoseok look: the handbag, sneakers, sunglasses and even headphones all add up to make a monochromatic outfit a statement. Blue jeans, white T-shirt, white sneakers, the black bag… everything seems simple until you add an embroidered floral jacket on top. It’s become a common statement of airport fashion, demonstrating that flowers on clothes aren’t exclusive to women.

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