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Incredibly stylish neutrals with a touch of high-end fashion best characterize Boot Barn’s range for fall which is on par with contemporary style for its next fashion and footwear segment. Along with the arrival of her modernized look comes a new label, aptly named Wonderwest, after their Boot Barn sub-brand Wonderwest, signaling a shift towards runway styles and trends coupled with an aesthetic that remains fundamentally “Western” at heart.

The Wonderwest line, an assortment of curated western-style designs and products soon to be launched as a stand-alone, private label women’s fashion line, is “for those who fuse current high trends found in contemporary fashion with statement pieces. Western-inspired,” the company said. . “As a brand, Wonderwest by Boot Barn pushes boundaries with disruptive and whimsical choices. The creation of a line was a natural evolution in the history of Wonderwest.

“We were inspired by the opportunity to create high-end fashion pieces, but adding the Western flair that Wonderwest as a brand is known for, fusing classic Western elements with a nod to fashion trends. parades,” they added.


Boot Barn, which has more than 330 outlets in 41 states, said it is “actively growing” and noted that its Wonderwest line will be featured in select stores and online at when the season begins. holidays.

Launching in November, Wonderwest will stand out for its remarkably elaborate details. “Because the brand is inherently highly embellished, the holiday season is the perfect time to launch a new product line and get everyone excited. The collection includes some very emotional and must-have pieces.

Boot Barn said Wonderwest is connected to fashion in general through the innate western style that is ever present in American fashion. And it’s true that a Western tone is almost always relevant, when you think of what is perpetually put on the catwalks by American designers such as Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors or Coach.

“With western details constantly appearing on the runway, the longevity of the trend is never in question. of relevance to both the fashion world and our current clientele,” explained Boot Barn.

rhinestone cowgirl

With its use of shimmering, sumptuous leathers, sheer sheaths, elongated fringes and countless stylish details, Wonderwest impresses with pieces that can be easily incorporated into any basic wardrobe for an extra dose of glamour. . Aesthetically, Wonderwest is designed as a seasonless collection that blends a sophisticated color scheme with an impressive, contrasting balance of complexity and minimalism.

“We are working to create a very neat capsule collection in a clean, neutral color palette to easily mix and match other pieces. Due to the amount of work required to create each piece, the collection will be limited in quantity,” they said.

“Each individual item in the Wonderwest line is uniquely designed with handcrafted details – and they’re meant to be collected as works of art.”

Boot Barn’s Wonderwest fashion segment comes to life with the soon-to-be-launched eponymous brand that epitomizes the glitz and glamor of high-end Western style.

Here, Wonderwest by Boot Barn showcases at Fairchild Studio some of its key pieces that led to the launch of its debut collection in November.

The collection includes “very emotional and must-have pieces,” the company explained.

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