Best cookware for induction cooktops

The key word here is magnetic. “The most important consideration for induction is acquiring ferromagnetic metal cookware like cast iron or certain types of stainless steel,” says Gill Stansfield, assistant dean of the University’s College of Food Innovation & Technology. Johnson & Wales in Providence, RI. He recommends the old trick of using a magnet to check cookware for induction compatibility. If he’s strongly attracted to the pot or pan, you’re good to go.

You can take the magnet to the store if you’re looking for some new cookware, but start in your own kitchen first. You might be surprised to find that almost all of your existing pots and pans are induction compatible, except for a few non-stick aluminum pieces. “Magnetic stainless steel, cast iron, and almost any cookware made from multiple layers of metal is magnetic. It’s really only stamped aluminum fry pans and anodized aluminum cookware that won’t work. not,” says Paul Hope, a trained chef who is also our cooking appliance expert.

Cookware manufacturers have become much more efficient at labeling their products as “induction-friendly”. We note whether or not a pot or pan can be used with induction in our cookware rating charts and on each individual model page. If you skim through our ratings, you’ll see that all of the cast iron Dutch ovens, cast iron and carbon steel skillets, and stainless steel cookware and skillets we test can be used with induction cooktops. . All-copper frying pans and aluminum non-stick cookware and frying pans usually cannot.

One important thing to note when buying new cookware or trying out old cookware on an induction cooktop is that your pans should have a flat bottom that is in full contact with the heating element. This is because unlike electric and gas cooktops, induction models tend to hum or hum when they operate, especially at higher settings. You’ll get used to the noise, and that’s completely normal, but heavy, flat-bottomed pans can help reduce vibration.

If you’re considering an induction cooker, keep in mind that only the cooktop uses induction technology. The oven works just like any electric stove, so you can use all the cooking and baking utensils you have in your cupboards now.

Here are some top-rated pots and pans from our tests that are suitable for induction cooking.

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