Barwa Village expands to meet needs of 2022 World Cup fans, tenants and outlets

The village of Barwa covers an area of ​​400,000 square meters and its buildings are characterized by designs inspired by the local heritage of the country, making it an integrated city.

Doha: To meet the growing demand for residential units and commercial and administrative space for Barwa Village, Barwa Real Estate Group has added a new stage to its expansion by developing an additional building to international specifications and quality.

This expansion contains 71 commercial units that meet the needs of restaurants, stores, exhibitions and retail outlets; in addition to 177 apartments of various sizes and a hypermarket. The occupancy rate of the apartments for this expansion is approximately 99.5% and it reaches more than 70% in the shops.

Barwa village covers an area of ​​400,000 square meters and its buildings are characterized by designs inspired by the country’s local heritage, making it an integrated town that offers all modern and comfortable lifestyles to residents, traders and visitors.

Modern highways and major roads and modern and multiple transport facilities such as Doha Metro and public transport modes contribute to smooth and safe access for visitors from all areas, in addition to its proximity to facilities most important development and service centers in the country. such as Hamad International Airport, Hamad Port and a number of important logistics areas in the country.

Additionally, this pioneering project will help meet the needs and aspirations of the visitors and fans of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 who will be living in Al Wakra and surrounding areas.

Barwa Village consists of 18 buildings offering 918 quality shops with various activities and 457 apartments of different sizes. It also includes two shopping centers, restaurants, shops, a medical center, a gym, an international school and a nursery, in addition to numerous service facilities such as a mosque and car parking, and vast green spaces. The occupancy rate for shops in Barwa Village is around 88%, while it reaches 99.5% for apartments.

Waseef, the leading property management and marketing company, operates commercial and mixed-use projects that provide high-quality residential solutions, commercial and administrative spaces that meet the aspirations of all users at competitive prices, and this is manifest in the Barwa Village project and its expansion, which Barwa Real Estate Group has developed to achieve a complete balance between the needs of tenants and visitors and the commercial ambitions of the outlets, in addition to realizing the vision and strategic plan of the Group by supporting and providing the real estate market with sustainable projects that follow all the changes.

Waseef provides various services to Barwa Village and its expansion 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including security and safety services, general hygiene and periodic maintenance of facilities and equipment, in addition to providing integrated services for commercial projects, with the aim of achieving a sustainable environment that meets the requirements of residents, merchants, as well as visitors.

The rental values ​​offered also satisfy all segments and keep pace with current prices in Qatar, to ensure fair competition among real estate companies in Qatar.

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