Author Thelma Merkle’s new book ‘Saved by the Enemy’ is a deeply impactful memoir that deals with the trauma the author experienced as a child

Thelma Merkle has finished her new book ‘Saved by the Enemy’: a captivating and powerful memoir that the author has dedicated to all those who have been adopted and have gone through situations like hers.

Author Thelma Merkle explains her purpose as she shares her story, writing, “I hope you can see what an adopted child goes through and how it can affect them as they grow up. Adoption is a lifelong process. This is just one example of many, so I encourage you to learn as much as you can about adoptees and their pasts. I also hope that anyone in a similar situation will see that child services are not the enemy, and that they can help if you let them.

She continues: “This book was written to help others who have been through similar situations. It also serves as a self-help book for people who have been adopted and for those adopting children. This comes from the perspective of someone who has been in foster care and adopted.

Published by Page Publishing, Thelma Merkle’s transparent tale tells the story as the author remembers it, through the eyes of a child and later in the reflection of an adult. This work shines a light on the trauma children experience in situations like her.

Readers interested in discovering this meaningful work can purchase “Saved by the Enemy” in bookstores around the world or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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