Announcement of the premium clothing and apparel line Halo Infinite, including a watch, jacket, bag and wallet



Microsoft already has a Halo merch store where you can shop for Halo-themed t-shirts and other clothing, but if you’re looking to spend even more money, Super Groupies announced a collaboration with Microsoft for a premium Halo fashion line to celebrate Halo Infinite and the series’ 20th anniversary.

Each item in the collection is “uniquely inspired” by Master Chief, and that includes a watch, jacket, bag and wallet. Each item is made to order. Pre-orders opening September 28 on the Super Groupies website and will be cut once the company hits its cap on what it can do. The jacket, backpack and wallet are expected to ship in late February 2022, with the watch slated for mid-March 2022.


The chronograph watch costs $ 240 and uses the franchise’s olive green color scheme, with orange and black accents and the UNSC and 117 logos.

The green jacket ($ 230) features the UNSC and 117 logos, while the pocket on the arm has a zipper in “iridescent orange fabric” inspired by the visor of Master Chief’s helmet. The hood is removable and features stitched designs inspired by Master Chief’s helmet.

“As expected, half a ton of armor was unrealistic, but this jacket will let you feel what it’s like to be a heroic Spartan like the Master Chief,” one line of his description reads. “As it has been redesigned for everyday use, please note that this product is not energy shielded.”

The $ 150 backpack, meanwhile, is also green and has 117 plastered ones and features plenty of side pockets with zipper pulls inspired by a Halo ring. The shoulder straps have the embroidered UNSC logo.

The Bifold Wallet ($ 110) is designed to resemble the texture of Master Chief’s armor, and it has 117 printed on it. The UNSC logo is present inside, and there are slots for four cards and a zippered compartment to keep your valuables safe.

Check out the images in the gallery above for a closer look at all of the new Halo items.

In other news, Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle beta test takes place this weekend. Unlike previous tests, you don’t need to be a Halo Insider to enter – everyone is invited.

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