aespa reveals her fashion models in an interview with DAZED magazine



DAZED Magazine recently caught up with the four members of aespa for an interview. There the girls revealed who their fashion models are.

Read on to find out who they picked!

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On Tuesday, June 29, DAZED magazine published an interview with aespa, where the girls presented their all-time favorite wardrobe picks and which are their fashion and model inspirations. Plus, the interview allows fans to immerse themselves in their style!

During the interview, Karina said she preferred clothes that were discreet and not too showy. Therefore, she often opts for dark colored clothes and solid white pieces.

That being said, Karina has revealed that her fashion inspiration is American model and reality TV star Kendall Jenner!


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Karina praised Kendall Jenner for her unique vibe and the way she feels confident about herself. However, Karina has stated that while she enjoys learning about Kendall Jenner’s style, she doesn’t want to copy her because each person has a unique vibe that complements certain styles.

aespa Winter chooses 3 celebrities as fashion models

The winter fashion models all varied in style, which matches the idol as she said she is not limited to a specific style. Winter is the type of fashionista who is open to learning and exploring more looks. It seems, however, that the aespa member prefers simple looks and said that “less is more.


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She said she liked the charming vibe of model Barabara Palvin, the chic vibe of FAKY’s J-pop idol Mikako, and the uncluttered vibe of Japanese model and actress Aoi Yu.

aespa Giselle chooses her mother as a fashion model

For Korean-Japanese member Giselle, she said her fashion style leans towards casual, urban-style clothing. She likes to mix high-end items with simpler pieces. Giselle said her favorite items are Dr Marten’s black leggings and boots.


(Photo: aespa Twitter)

She said her fashion inspiration came from her mother, who was once a fashion designer. Giselle confessed that she was the reason she developed such an interest in fashion from a young age. The idol also said she was inspired by the weather, her mood and the energy she is feeling right now.

aespa Ningning chooses her mother, grandmother and Karl Lagerfeld as fashion models

Ningning said she had always been interested in fashion since she was young and even dreamed of being a fashion designer. Her interest in fashion has not abated now that she is older and she still enjoys reading fashion magazines and watching fashion shows.


(Photo: aespa Twitter)

The Chinese idol then revealed that she admired her mother and grandmother when she was younger because of their style. She remembers trying to copy her mom’s look when she was younger because she wanted to look like her. When asked about her fashion model, she revealed that it was “the one and only legendary fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld.

Who is your fashion model? Tell us in the comments below!

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