Acclaimed visual artist Anthony Piper to direct new digital art and NFTs for Nitches’ latest campaign

LA VEGAS, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nitches Inc., (NICH) (the “Company”), which combines high technology with high-end fashion to create exclusive apparel collections and NFTs, today announced that visual artist legendary Anthony Piper will conceive and write the creative concepts around the collaborative campaign “Peace on Marz”. “Peace on Marz” is the result of a collaboration with Viral Vegan Influencer and Filmmaker John Lewis to create a collection of luxury sportswear and a comprehensive NFT strategy to protect our planet.

Piper recently joined the Nitches team as creative director. One of his first projects is to develop an animated story for “Peace on Marz”, which will have a creative artistic flair similar to that of Trill League, his famous web comic and graphic novel. Trill League is a hip-hop take on a black superhero universe that caught the rapper’s attention 50 cents and entertainment company Lionsgate. For the “Peace on Marz” campaign, Piper will creatively develop and direct new intellectual property (IP) comprised of multi-faceted Marz Variant characters, eye-catching designs, and engaging storylines.

“Visual storytelling is my passion and collaborating with Nitches gives me new ways to express myself through creative technology and NFT creation in the fashion industry,” said Anthony Piper, creative director at Nitches. “I’m impressed with how Nitches has embraced the metaverse and cutting-edge technology to promote their apparel collections and NFTs to a new generation.”

NFTs are digital assets that can be held, sold, and traded using blockchain technology. In the near future, Piper will be creating Marz Variant Profile Picture (PFP) NFTs, which will be sold as digital collectibles and used as online avatars. Nitches also plans to create a long-term NFT community focused on “BadAss Vegan” influencer John Lewis’s message of peace and protecting our planet.

“Web 3.0 is an important part of our business model as it allows our customers to not only express themselves in the real world through exclusive apparel, but also in the metaverse with exceptional NFTs,” said John Morgan, CEO of Nitches. “No one is better at creating stunning designs for the digital world than Anthony Piperwho has worked with multi-billion dollar companies such as Marvel, Lionsgate and The New York Times.

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