A note on the question: The season of excess



We’re halfway through the festival and giveaway season, and there seems to be just one thought on people’s minds: make up for all the time wasted last year. Whether it’s food, shopping, gifts or decoration, they go out of their way to celebrate. People spend less time watching TV or shopping online and have resumed dining out or planning vacations.

Over the past month, reports have detailed an increase in luxury car sales in India, high-end online fashion shopping and airline tickets. As travel reopens, European markets are hopeful Asian luxury shoppers return to their stores, but will they shop like they did two years ago?

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Even before the pandemic, studies indicated that luxury consumers were striving for values ​​and a social conscience – no sweatshops, water or fabric recycling, returning benefits to the community – rather than outright declarations. ostentation and power. Price tags and definitions of what constitutes luxury can change over time, but what remains consistent is the desire to own a one-of-a-kind item that signals sensibility, style, even power. , and tell a story about what kind of person you are.

To reflect these luxury ideas in its annual gift guide, Lounge consulted experts and curated a selection of products and experiences from top brands. We have gone for the feeling of the season, which seems to be an excess, and have brought together products that combine quality, pleasure and lasting value.

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