8 places to buy the best cashmere sweaters for women in 2022

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There’s a reason why cashmere sweaters usually cost a pretty penny. The process of creating these cozy knits is an intense and time-consuming process, because Business Insider spotlighted after visiting a cashmere factory.

But recently, a new class of sweater startups are changing that by offering quality cashmere at relatively affordable prices. While luxury cashmere is still sometimes worth the money, these brands are perfect for people looking to stock up without draining their bank account. And if you’re open to cashmere blends, you can spend even less.

The brands on this list prioritize durability, affordability, wearability, or a combination of the three, making them ideal places to revive (or kick-start) your cashmere wardrobe. Learn more about how Insider Reviews tests and researches style and beauty products.

A note on fit

This guide focuses on sweaters designed for cisgender women. What the industry calls “women’s sweaters” has everything to do with the fit, shape, and design style of these pieces. Sweaters designed for women tend to be smaller and less boxy than those designed for men. However, we believe that everyone should feel free to wear any type of sweater, regardless of gender or how the garment is labeled. If you are more interested in a square and oversized style, you may want to buy cashmere sweaters designed for men.

Here are the best places to buy cashmere sweaters in 2022:

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