7 Miami Style Icons on What to Wear for Miami Art Week 2022

When it comes to Art Basel Miami Beach, this party-focused arts week is fueled by the holidays. And what better way to show off your artistic personality through fashion?

Miamians are no strangers to Miami Art Week, which takes over the city every early December, coinciding with the main art fair Art Basel, which showcases hundreds of art galleries, alongside other fairs of art.

Here, Miami’s top local style experts explain what to wear and their must-have items for the week-long party.

Timur Tugberk, art, design and fashion publicist and influencer at Designing the District, @timurdc

“Miami Art Week’s style moment this year is going to be quirky, eclectic, electric – Living and working in Miami fashion, I have witnessed some of our regional trends popping up all over the world. You’ll see the high house designer brand’s bold, ornate logo, street style. You will also witness street sewing, as I call it, which is haute couture more atypical for silhouettes, pieces, scale and shapes in street-appropriate, beautifully constructed, more material-heavy formal casual wear. Finally, I think color and scale will be a big part of this year’s art week. »

Must Pack: “Always pack your most sophisticated, confident and camera-ready sportswear. We are a very fitness oriented city, there is so much fitness available and working out with us is right on the scene. You can’t pack enough statement pieces – we’re vibe full 365 days of the year here – we love peacocks, we love bold fashion and we celebrate fabulous people. Finally, don’t forget to pack that swimsuit you’ve been dying to show off, but didn’t think was appropriate for your local pool or beach – you can even wear some swimsuits here. like high!

Have your photograph taken: “Go big or go home – this week attracts the most unique, colorful, creative, innovative, friendly and talented people from around the world to our already very creative city. It is a beloved festival where people come together to celebrate expressions of all types. Wear something that makes you feel gorgeous, outrageous, fabulous, unique, edgy, or beyond your comfort zone. If you follow this motto, you will be 100% noticed and photographed.

Daniela Uribe, shoe designer, @iamdanielauribe

“I think this art week is going to be very dynamic, opulent and futuristic too. Vibrant metallic colors, neon items and maybe even hand painted outerwear that glows in the dark. can also see a matrix trend very much in the streets, leather, futuristic eyewear, statement buckles and hardware accessories And of course the glamor is not going anywhere, lots of crystals, sequins, sequins and all that glitters will take over the Miami street day and night.

Must Pack: “Of course a cell phone charger, you’ll take lots of photos and videos, you won’t want your phone to run out of battery, and a portable light wouldn’t be a bad idea. Cool sunglasses, your best swimwear, it’s Miami after all and don’t forget the evening wear Oh and lots of energy, you never know where the night will take you.

Have your photograph taken: “What will get you noticed is authenticity, fearlessness and daring in the way you dress. What I mean by that is being authentic in what you wear, not try to copy all the trends and looks of the season, but really let your own style shine.Don’t be afraid to stand out and be different, be bold in your appearance and wear it with confidence. not just what you wear, but also how you wear it and how you carry yourself that will get you noticed. Experiment with new accessories, new colors, new shapes and new styles, its art week is after all so crazy and fun.

Gustavo Cadile, couture and bridal designer, @gustavocadile

“The style tone will be urban street chic, from oversized men in shiny fabrics with corseted tops exposed underneath to supermini-embellished garments. It’s all about stretching. Garments without wrinkles will be in the spotlight, from fitted mini-cutouts to romantic florals and maxi dresses. A stunning and arty prop will have you photographed.

Jorge Cardenas aka DJ Cardi and Style Setter @djcardi_

“For Art Basel, it’s about moving to the next level. It’s safe to say that the people and their personal styles are admired as much as the art on display. Take a risk you wouldn’t normally take and you won’t regret it. Bright colors are fashionable and will make you stand out in the crowd.

Must pack: “During Basel, Miami is really the city that does not sleep! With different types of events happening at all hours, it’s important to stay comfortable and pack outfits that transition from day to night. Pack short sleeve, lapel collar shirts with breathable fabrics as the weather is between 70 and 80 degrees in December. Complete your look with a stylish hat to match your outfit and have a lightweight blazer handy if you want to dress it up for the evening. It’s about adapting to last minute plans since the city is buzzing, you never know where you’ll end up. Don’t forget to pack your favorite bathing suit because nothing beats a dip in the ocean during this Miami heat.

Have your photograph taken: “I love sunglasses that make a statement! Sunglasses with a pop of color always catch my eye. Color blocking your wardrobe is also a must if you want to take pictures next to murals cool in Wynwood My advice is to be bold when choosing your color scheme.

Patrick Van Negri, content creator and fashion influencer, @patrickvannegri

“This year, Miami Art Week will be unique and glamorous, as always when art and fashion meet in December in Miami. Lots of shine, shine and sexy Gatsby style with a mix of contemporary Miami Vice and 80s disco nostalgia.”

Must Pack: “Get unique pieces, save money, collaborate with artists and designers – don’t be afraid to share your ideas and vision with them – and most importantly. Be yourself. It will attract attention and attract the attention of the photographer, and will most likely be published in publications and online magazines.

Have your photograph taken: “Be bold and experiment because this is an opportunity to go all out since it’s Miami Art Week. Be unconventional, bold and confident, but don’t overdo it because it will be obvious and you will look desperate. It is indeed a thin line between the two, so when in doubt, always go for the classic and sensually minimalist.

Last tip: “Remember to pack a meager power bank, some cash, mints and lots of patience. The secret is to be open-minded and not to stress and overthink things. Prepare all your outfits for every day in advance Create a program with a balanced variety of exhibitions, fairs, shows, installations, events and parties The biggest secret? company and have fun.

Valeria Krasavina, fashion designer and artist, creator of Fine Frenchie, @valeriakrasavina

“Miami loves colors and patterns and I think we’ll definitely see lots of shades of lavender, the ‘it’ color of the season. I make my own unique pieces, so definitely items from my holiday collection: tops tulle, taffeta mini dresses, layered pieces and silk sets. Also accessories, they make such a difference. I love styling my looks with tulle bottoms from my latest collection. Wear something with volume, unexpected color combinations and mix layers and textures Go with the flow and enjoy the moment and don’t forget to have fun.

Chelsea Roth, fashion designer at Gypsy soul designs and curator, creator of the Sera Sera Social Club, @dalisdiaries

“Haute Havoc will be Miami Art Week 2022; it’s in the combination that counts, a totemic revolution of maximalism by pairing overly loud items with haphazard prints, sequins, feathers and exaggerated silhouettes. Let’s say, “Absolutely, fabulous. Think a multicolored sequined tuxedo teamed with an oversized feather clutch, jeweled converse and a pair of “do not talk to me” Sun glasses. Also try layered neon leopard prints, a tent-sized kimono that accentuates the chest, high-waisted pants that are tighter than tight, and a boss-sized pop-color handbag.

Must Pack: “Let’s be frank here. It’s hot in Miami, with the humidity reaching unholy heights. So what does it take to make you feel fresh and good? Try Amika dry shampoo, a small electric fan and blotting papers. Stay chic with Hermès and don’t forget your favorite touch-up concealer.

The secret to spending a pleasant artistic week: “Create a calendar of all the must-see events taking into account the outfits, hire a driver so you can drink champagne in the car, make sure your outfits are pre-selected and appropriate for the audience and go with the flow – there will be traffic , long queues and large crowds that may put you off – but remember this is only artwe’re not saving lives here.

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