7 Best Store-Bought Lemonade Brands, Ranked

We found a few varieties of lemonade made and sold by Trader Joe’s. We tasted the organic lemonade, the organic low sugar lemonade and its “freshly squeezed” variety. When it comes to lemonade, “freshly squeezed” usually means top-tier lemonade, but we didn’t really like this recipe from Trader Joe’s. With only water, sugar, and lemons as ingredients, we were hoping for a lighter, fresh-tasting lemonade, but this one was a bit too sour for our taste (via Trader Joe’s).

Trader Joe’s Organic Lemonade, on the other hand, is made with water, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic natural flavor and ascorbic acid, according to the company. website. With fewer natural ingredients and a little more added sugar, this lemonade tasted extremely sweet and the lemony flavor wasn’t as prominent as we had hoped. It had no taste wrong, but if you’re looking for a tangy and refreshing lemonade, we’ll save that for another day. Trader Joe’s Low Calorie Organic Lemonade unfortunately wasn’t our favorite either. Even chilled over ice, it gave off a strong artificially sweet taste that took away the natural lemon notes.

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