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Buying the concert tickets is the easy part, planning the uber or driving is usually hard, but the hardest part is finding the perfect outfit. Luckily, we know a thing or two about prepping for all types of gigs, so we’ve rounded up the perfect gig tweaks. Here’s what to wear to outdoor concerts this summer and fall. These outfits are perfect for anyone who likes to be casual and even a little dressy. Hey, you can never be overdressed. Whether you prefer crop tops and mom jeans or summer Dressesthere is something for you.

And for the gentlemen, we’ve rounded up trendy and dressy styles, from jeans and a button down shirt to trainers to the hip guy rocking street style, we’ve got it all covered. Ditch the concert tee this time. There are plenty of occasions to wear your t-shirts throughout the year. Planning a festival or concert outfit is so much more fun. It gives you more reason to look forward to the show and snap some photos with friends (or yourself, because who can resist a good solo shot when you’re head-to-toe handsome?).

Plus, you don’t have to go broke to find a nice outfit. Even if you decide to leave this list with just one piece, know that it is very simple to pair something with jeans, a skirt or a jacket already in your closet. (It’s impossible for me to spend more on my outfit than I paid for the ticket.)

For the casual dresser


Let’s Get Away Cream Knit Twist Back Tank Top – Lulus, $39

Lulus is one of my favorites for dresses! Ladies, if you need a gorgeous dress for a wedding or party, look no further than Lulus. Their clothes are true to size and top quality. Not only are their dressy clothes amazing, but so are their casual outfits. Take a look at this cozy knit top. The shirt back makes this top special – the twist detail is a cool touch. It comes in more than seven colors and is available in sizes XS to XL.

You can pair the shirt with a cardigan or denim jacket if it’s chilly outside.

What to wear to outdoor concerts - pants



Pair the top with high waisted jeans. Wrangler’s western jeans flatter curves and pair perfectly with cropped tops. The style offers a snug fit through the thigh and a wide opening, perfect for cowboy boots or western heels. We are obsessed with these pants! They are super cute and part of Wrangler’s Retro Green Jean assortment. The jeans are a recycled cotton blend. Go green while looking like a million bucks.

What to wear for outdoor concerts - hat


Gossifan Lady Fashion Wide Brim Felt Panama Fedora Hat with Ring Belt – Amazon, $16.99

It doesn’t matter if it’s country, alternative rock, concert or American festival, you can’t go wrong with a felt pen. They are perfect for casual outfits. The hat is made of cotton and polyester fiber, which makes this hat soft. You can adjust it from the inside with the tie, so that it fits properly. Choose from over 20 colors.

For the trendy chest of drawers

What to wear to outdoor concerts


Ditsy Floral Curved Hem Draped Neck Cami – SHEIN, $12.00

SHEIN is affordable fashion for shopaholics who follow trends. SHEIN has a large inventory of casual and cute outfits for women. We love this floral tank top for the summer, and chances are your outdoor show is going when the weather gets warmer. The only problem with SHEIN is that if you’re a bit busty, a style like this is hard to pull off. My friends and I take advantage of the size and the use of tape on the chest to avoid bras.

Choose from four different prints.

What to wear to outdoor concerts


High Rise Ripped Mom Jean – SHEIN, $22.25

Mom jeans are the best. We really don’t care if they’re not for the “male gaze”. Jeans should be comfortable! These budget-friendly pants will go with just about anything in your wardrobe, including the pretty floral and knit tops we recommend. Pair these pants with sandals or sneakers.

They are available in sizes XS-XXL and come in three different washes.

For dress lovers

dress (cream color, above the knees)


Moonrise Dress – REVOLVE, $75

If it’s hot outside, consider wearing a flowy dress. Maxi dresses are great for outdoor shows, but don’t be afraid to show off your legs this summer. This Amuse Society dress is affordable when it comes to shopping at REVOLVE, which we love. The model is wearing heels, but it won’t be comfortable for an outdoor show, especially if it’s on a lawn. You can dress up this gorgeous dress with sandals or slip-on sneakers from brands like UGG or Tory Burch.

Consider a elegant transparent bag match this dress.

For the casual guy

jacket - what to wear for outdoor concerts


Microfiber Bomber Jacket – Macy’s, $47.25

If it’s chilly outside, consider pairing one of your favorite stylish t-shirts with a jacket. Bomber jackets are super stylish and can enhance any casual outfit. This Weatherproof jacket is on sale at Macy’s. It’s lightweight, so nothing too heavy for an outdoor show. It features ribbed cuffs, a ribbed waistband, two hand pockets and an inside pocket.

Choose from four different colors.

What to wear to outdoor concerts


MEN’S 501® ORIGINAL FIT JEANS – Levi’s, $69.50

You can never go wrong with a pair of 501s. If you don’t have a fresh pair of Levi’s, restock your closet with a fresh wash. With over 12 washes, you won’t run out of options. Straight pants are iconic and a real must-have. These pants look great with just about any top or shoe you have in your closet. To increase the life of your pants, wash your jeans once every 10 wears in cold water and tumble dry inside out with like colors.

Trendy and fun for men

What to wear to outdoor concerts


Men’s Plain 4-Piece Round Neck T-Shirt – SHEIN, $37.00

A clean t-shirt that fits perfectly always makes a great outfit. Guys consider this Pack of 3 round neck t-shirts. You need these basics in your wardrobe, especially on days when you just want to wear jeans or joggers with cool kicks. If you love t-shirts almost every day, you will be shocked at how many compliments you will receive on these t-shirts. Don’t underestimate a t-shirt!

Pair one of these shirts with any bottom – shorts, jeans or joggers. However, we love the pants under this tee.

What to wear to outdoor concerts - oblique pants for men


Men’s Slant Pocket Pants – SHEIN, $18.00

Slant pocket pants are basically what mom jeans are for men. They are everywhere. We love it, though. These straight pants are perfect with sneakers and t-shirts. You can dress them up or down. The budget pants come in seven colors, but we recommend going with black so you can have more shirt combinations. The polyester pants are flattering for men while maintaining a loose fit. They’ll be comfortable enough to last a whole night of singing and dancing.

Want to accessorize this trendy cut? Consider a fanny pack or a shoulder bag.

A stylish new outfit

What to wear to outdoor concerts - blue polka dot white polka dot shirt (buttoned up with short sleeves)

Tommy Hilfiger

DOT PRINT CUSTOM FIT SHIRT – Tommy Hilfiger, $69.50

If you don’t like t-shirts, consider this button down shirt. The dot print is casual but still dressed. It is made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. It’s designed to be worn untucked, so don’t try to tuck it in with a belt. Also, it’s an outdoor performance, not an opera. To make the polka dot print stand out, consider the white pants below.

What to wear to outdoor concerts - men's white dress pants

Tommy Hilfiger

TH Flex Stretch Comfort Solid Performance Pants for Men, Modern Fit – Tommy Hilfiger, $44.99

If you don’t want to wear denim pants, consider Tommy Hilfiger’s performance pants. They are made of rayon, nylon and spandex which gives them a dressier look. These are great pants for the office, but they’ll also be perfect for a show. Perfect if it’s a date or if you’re going to the bar after the concert. And because they’re wrinkle-resistant, you’ll love taking them on your weekend getaways. These modern pants will get lots of compliments.

They have a super stretchy waistband and belt loop.

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