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Clunky shoes of all kinds are making a comeback. Birkenstocks, Crocs, and daddy sneakers are just a few of the styles that are back in fashion among A-listers and influencers. Now another nostalgic shoe from the past is making a comeback: hooves.

The iconic chunky wooden-soled shoes have been in the spotlight for decades – and thanks to a host of high-end fashion brands and celebrities, they’re making another comeback in 2021.

Reese Witherspoon wore a pair of Hasbeen Swedish on the set of Netflix Your place or mine earlier this month. Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted walking around New York City wearing mules and sweatpants. Across the country, Jennifer Garner wore a pair from the popular No.6 brand around LA with a plaid blouse and jeans. Hilary Duff shared a photo on her Instagram Story showing her pair with daisies by Fabrizio Viti.

Before they were in fashion, clogs were designed to be functional. The first wooden clogs date back to the early 1300s. Clogs were designed as affordable protective footwear for workers in the industry, according to The Swedish clog maker Sandgrens. The fashionable clogs we know today were popularized in part thanks to the Swedish pop group ABBA in the 1970s. Obviously, clogs are a style that will continue to transcend time.

While boots and ankle boots are usually synonymous with fall, clogs are an unexpected style that may be just what your wardrobe needs for the season. While designer brands like Céline and Hermès have sent them to the track with their own deluxe version, there are also many more affordable options, many of which can be purchased on Amazon. Despite their hardwood sole, many clogs have cushioned soles and good arch support.

This pair of Dansko clogs has over 750 five star ratings from buyers who are impressed with its comfort. A happy critic who works as a nurse says they have “no foot pain even after more than 15,000 steps [per] day in these shoes. “

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