4 of the most beautiful glass bongs you’ve ever seen



Across the globe, Jochen says there is a lot of curiosity about cannabis in the UK, even though it is still illegal. The artist hopes this playful collection of bongs will breathe life into design objects, move away from lifeless sterility, and encourage people to “connect with a sense of empathy, commitment and wonder. “.

Some of Paul Arnhold’s beautiful glass bongs made in collaboration with Edie Parker.

Photo: Edie Parker

Bongs Edie Parker x Paul Arnhold

Weed is an amazing bonding tool, and friendship is infused into the heart of Paul Arnhold’s bongs. These swirling candy-colored pieces of glass conjure up visions of basement smoke lit by the glow of a lava lamp, if the basement belonged to your friend’s eccentric art dealer aunt. The collection was produced in collaboration with Flower by Edie Parker, founded by Brett Heyman, a longtime friend of Paul’s. In addition to their shared appreciation for weed, the couple have a deep love for handmade art, aiming to create modern heirlooms through their respective work. Can you be nostalgic for the future, imagining yourself having a nice bang in your family tree? It’s an idea from stoner that deserves to be considered.

Flower has a decidedly vintage-inspired look, and Paul’s bongs are perhaps the crown jewels of their ever-expanding collection of cannabis accessories. Fans of Paul’s glassware will recognize his distinctive use of cheerful colors and vivid patterns, and the bong’s design is so close to his vases that it will absolutely cause a double take when left on the coffee table. (Plus, you can literally use it as a vase, if you take a break from tolerance.) Handcrafted in Brooklyn, these premium treasures are meant to be enjoyed as functional art.

The Sunset bong in teal on a yellow beach towel.

Photo: Jackie Kurse

Yew Yew Sunset Bang

Elsewhere in New York State, Yew newly launched (and twice sold out) Bang at sunset is making waves. Founded by Jenny Wichman, Yew Yew was one of the first brands to reinvent the classic cannabis pipe, and its geometric ceramic pieces quickly became a centerpiece of the new era of cannabis design. Smoking ceramics exploded as a category, but despite the popularity of her pipes, classic glassware returned to Jenny’s mind and she quickly began producing glass versions. A large majority of pipes are made from borosilicate glass, mainly because of their ability to withstand high heat for long periods of time. Glass is a practical choice, but it’s also a matter of looks: it’s really satisfying to see clouds of smoke coiling under the soft colors of Yew Yew’s pipes.


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