27 best fashion books in 2022, from style guides to designer memoirs

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  • Knowing more about fashion gives you more choice in what you say through what you wear.
  • Whether you’re studying fashion or want books on the coffee table, there are plenty of great fashion books out there.
  • Below, we’ve outlined the best fashion books, from streetwear guides to tomes on famous designers.

Fashion is a spectacular part of everyone’s life: we all wear clothes and dress up. Every time we wear something, it’s an opportunity to say something to the world without saying a word.

But fashion goes far beyond our contemporary experiences – it is linked to all aspects of our history and can even play an important role in social movements. Fashion is often tied to our economy and trends can speak to the collective experience of a society. The best fashion books leave you with plenty of lessons learned and, more importantly, plenty more questions to keep you learning.

Whether you’re looking for coffee table books, you’re a budding designer, or want to dive into fashion history, here are 27 of the best fashion books available today.

The 27 best fashion books to read in 2022:

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