10 vintage shops to discover



Cincinnati loves vintage. The neighborhood is full of vintage clothing, furniture, art and household goods stores.

But not all vintages are created equal.

Fancy something recycled or original? Something casual or formal? Do you love the hunt or do you treasure the product?

Here is a list of 10 unique vintage shops across town suitable for whatever you want out of your vintage shopping experience.

Note that some stores operate at limited capacity or by appointment only due to COVID-19. Visit the websites for more information before shopping.

For the refined and charitable.

Model Shop is a stylish and cozy place in Over-the-Rhine with upscale vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. From silky retro nightgowns to elegant evening wear for special occasions, all proceeds go to Cincinnati charities.

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Visit: 1311 Main Street

For the vintage theatrical purist.

Ky Woodring, 19, center, from Fairfield, looks through vintage skirts at Casablanca Vintage, located in Northside.  It was Woodring's birthday and she was shopping with her mom, Tammy, left, and boyfriend, Logan Roberts, 19.

Although it started out as a men’s clothing spot in 1985, Casablanca vintagehas turned into a vintage boutique for all genres and eras. They equip everyday vintage enthusiasts as well as actors on stage and on screen. This Northside boutique is filled with rows of neatly organized clothing from the last century, mended to retain their original integrity.

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Visit:3944 Spring Grove Avenue

For the customer who enjoys the thrill of the hunt.

Lower Price Hill is home to the Pixel Base Alpha Warehouse, which houses Pixel 19 Vintage clothing. The brick exterior is expansive and unpretentious. The interior is an explosion of kitsch colors and, well, stuff. Shelves and stacks of colorful clothing that fill the 10,000 square foot space along with a selection of vintage housewares and allow hours of browsing.

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Visit:2100 West 8th St.

For the feminine vintage lover.

Marcia Hon, owner of Down to Mars, a vintage store located at 621 Main St. in downtown Cincinnati, chats with customers, Stella Kelley, 20, left, and Isabel Zory, 19, the June 17, 2021.

Until Mars Vintage is a boutique in the central business district offering selections of eclectic and delicately feminine fashion and accessories. A Cincinnati native and business owner, Marcie Hon selects styles from the 1960s and 1970s for her physical store as well as her Etsy account, which launched the business in 2016.

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Visit: 621 Main Street

For the sustainable hipster.

Pistil Vintage, located at 1212 Main St. in Over-the-Rhine, sells vintage clothing and showcases local art.

Over-the-Rhine is home to plenty of vintage stores, but none look like Vintage of pistil. The store is a hybrid second-hand clothing store and local art gallery driven by a love of sustainability. The store offers unique “recycled clothes” unlike some typical vintage shops. Not to mention, the store is super Instagram-worthy and available to book for photo ops.

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Visit:1212 Main Street

For nostalgic pop culture aficionados.

A variety of sports jerseys hang at Rad OTR, a vintage store specializing in t-shirts.  Business partners Billy Luther and Jake Courtney opened the store in November 2017. More and more vintage stores have opened in the city as more shoppers want something second-hand rather than buying new. .  It is a form of recycling and waste reduction.

Rooted in men’s fashion, Rad OTR is the spot for any music, television, film and sports fan from the 1970s to the 1990s. This store on the Rhine offers t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, sneakers, hats and more Moreover. Owners Billy Luther and Jacob Courtney also take advantage of Etsy and Depop for sales.

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Visit: 1315 Main Street

For art-kid-meets-fancy-pants.

Hi-Bred features fashion and extravagant vintage housewares. Owner and Founder Shawna Maria Guip used her experience as an artist to curate the boutique’s lavish aesthetic, from the ornate rugs to the intricately beaded handbags.

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Visit:4041 Hamilton Avenue

For the customer who cherishes their wardrobe.

Northside is home to VIEWING, a vintage clothing store owned by a woman that offers vintage, used, recycled and handmade items. But it does more than just sell products – the store offers a range of clothing alterations and repair services for people who go the extra mile for their clothes.

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Visit:1546 Knowlton Street

For the eccentric buyer of men’s clothing.

Griffin brothers and Jake Mouty curate a vibrant men’s clothing collection at Vintage Tuff in Walnut Hills. With appointment-only availability, shoppers can browse graphic t-shirts, windbreakers, and vinyl albums. Can’t make it to the store? No problem, go to their Etsy store.

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Visit: 242 W. McMicken Ave.

For lovers of Americana.

Kona products offers a selection of vintage menswear and military clothing made in the USA. The clothes are solid and elegant. If you’ve always wanted to dress like the main character in a retro coming-of-age movie, Kona Goods may be for you. The store operates primarily on Etsy. But, customers can reach out to owner Benjamin Deering on Instagram to book a private date in the Lower Price Hill showroom.

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Visit: 2100 W. 8th St.


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