Why do you need yak wool clothes in your winter wardrobe

When adding to your winter wardrobe, two priorities come to mind: warmth and comfort. Enter yak wool, a warming fiber that is lightweight, soft and offers advantages over traditional wools such as cashmere or merino.

Sourced from a wild ox found widely in the Himalayas, yak wool fiber has been used by nomads in the region for centuries. Recently, yak wool is enjoying a resurgence as a durable, high-quality fabric used in everything from luxury fashion basics to sleek sportswear.

Yak in the wild | Source: Jason An

When you look at the benefits, it’s easy to see why the material turns out to be a versatile fabric alternative. As a natural fiber it is much more durable than its synthetic counterparts, is 100% regenerative and biodegradable and yaks are less destructive to their environment than goats and sheep.

Yak wool is also more breathable than merino wool but offers the same softness as cashmere. It is naturally antibacterial, effectively wicks away moisture and modulates temperature wonderfully in cold weather.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your winter wardrobe with a piece of fine yak wool, these are the brands you need to know.


Founded in 2007, Norlha is the first yak khullu workshop in the Tibetan plateau. Its hand-woven yak wool pieces are made by ancient nomads of the region by balancing modern technology and traditional knowledge. While Norlha is known for its luxury scarves and shawls, the brand creates many high-end Yak khullu products, including men’s and women’s clothing and a range of homewares.

Nomad All Weather Scarf, $548 | Source: Norlha
Nomad Pastures Throw, AUD 2,003 | Source: Norlha
Norlha men's shirt
Men’s shirt with patch pocket, AS1,484 | Source: Norlha


Born from the idea of ​​producing the warmest, softest and most versatile clothing from yak, this boutique brand from the UK produces a limited supply of premium quality yak wool clothing. Inspired by nights spent in a yak wool tent at 4,000 meters above sea level sipping yak butter tea, these bright garments are designed to take advantage of the special moments that appear during the busy schedule of the day. life.

Amundsen sweater approx. $465 | Source: Khunou
khunu Hemingway Classic Sweater
Hemingway Classic Sweater, $431 | Source: Khunou

Olivier Charles

Crafting sweaters from the soft wool of high altitude yak down, the San Francisco-based brand is born of adventure, but offers products designed for everyday use. Find a range of summer and all-weather sweaters in crew neck and v-neck styles as well as a range of yak khullu beanies.

Limited edition Big Sur summer sweater, approx. AU$211 | Source: Olivier Charles


Kora is the leader in yak wool performance apparel offering a line of garments including tops, bottoms, base layers and mid layers. Tested by its team of ambassadors in a variety of climates, the products are warm, breathable, moisture-wicking, odor-resistant and insulating – the perfect pieces for all outdoor adventure activities. In addition, each piece purchased supports nomadic Tibetan families.

Kora Stratam LS Sweater, $260 | Source: Kora
Men's M's Yardang Shirt
Yardang Shirt for Men, $245 | Source: Kora

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