Where to buy, prices and more on the special Ramadan line

Privileging pluralism, Virgil Abloh’s Off-White releases its latest capsule collection which celebrates the month of Ramadan. Muslims around the world observe that the ninth month of the Islamic calendar is Ramadan, one of the most important holidays.

The late designer Virgil Abloh always recognized the power of youth, diversity and global community. The idea of ​​creating a special capsule for Islamic celebrations is therefore not new for his label.

Earlier in 2021, Off-White HOME launched a state-of-the-art homeware collection that honored Muslim fasting and prayers. For the religious period, the brand has designed several lifestyle accessories including a teapot set, serving tray, themed casual slippers, flirty knitted blanket and pillows.

Off-White’s special Ramadan edition mixes fashion with religious celebrations

The streetwear fashion brand released a 17-piece capsule to celebrate Ramadan (Image via Sportskeeda)
The streetwear fashion brand released a 17-piece capsule to celebrate Ramadan (Image via Sportskeeda)

The line of premium loungewear is aesthetically painted and detailed with the community’s signature green color. He interprets modest clothes with relaxed silhouettes.

The exclusive cozy capsule includes 17 pieces inspired by comfort and elegance. Off-White’s Special Edition will delight wearers with its range of easygoing knitted satin garments.

Crafted in black, green and dark grey, the collection features shimmering pajama pants with pajama shirts, shimmering jackets and sweatpants, zip and non-zip hoodies, shimmering tees, sweaters, joggers and shirts.

Rounding out the festivities, Off-White also added a pair of black leather slippers and accessories like anklets, necklaces and earrings to the limited-edition capsule.

The fashion brand has already released its latest edition on its official website. The collection will soon be available in selected retail stores in Kuwait, Dubai and Riyadh.

All premium items have varying prices, with the Glitter OW Shirt and Glitter Pajama Pants costing $1030 and $1065 respectively. The pair of green-colored casual joggers are priced at $990, while the jumpsuit’s green satin shirt is priced at $845. The airy pajama set includes a $1270 shirt and $990 pants.

The two most expensive items in the collection are the OW logo zip-up hoodie worth $1,700 and the embellished knitwear at $1,840.

The standout part of the apparel line is the Glitter Ow Track Jacket ($1270) and Track Pants ($960). The black-toned pieces are finished with a glitter green Off-White logo on the chest and sleeves.

Embellished with multicolored rhinestones and rhinestones, the clothes will perfectly complement the festive celebrations.

As for the accessories, the Arrow anklet which sells for $1135 is made with a delicate Swarovski chain and decorated with double golden arrows. The adorable Arrow Chain Earrings ($705) and trendy Arrow Necklace ($1270) are also constructed with the Swarovski chains, which justifies its purchase.

Finally, the pair of Ow Nappa slippers sells for $1425. The shimmering black slip-on shoes are embellished with bow detailing.

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