The truth about the figure behind the Johnnie Walker label

The Striding Man was drawn by illustrator Tom Browne in 1909. The accompanying slogan at the time was “Born 1820: Still Going Strong” (via 1000 LOGOs). Although the original artwork is much more detailed than what we see in bars today, it’s unclear if it’s intended to depict Johnnie Walker himself or just his entrepreneurial spirit. As it is written on the brand’s website: “Suddenly, John Walker the Victorian grocer became Johnnie Walker, the Edwardian dandy.”

According to Home Wet Bar, the brand continued to grow from there with its founder’s iconic silhouette adorning every bottle. They would also add more offerings to their whiskey lineup. This includes their gold, platinum, and silver labels, as well as the top of the line Blue Label which will cost you $180 to add to your home bar.

Over the years, the logo will also change. It slowly moved with each redesign towards the minimalist figure that most drinkers are familiar with today. Their tagline would also be reduced to the incredibly simple, “Keep Walking” (via 1000 LOGOs).

Whether you enjoy your Johnnie Walker on the rocks, paired with your favorite soda, or add a smoky sweetness to your favorite cocktail, every sip carries on a 200-year legacy of fine whiskey.

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