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HYDERABAD: All these years, high-end fashion brands have chosen to settle in Delhi and Mumbai. But Hyderabad is emerging as a new destination of style and panache, giving these two cities a run for their money, the city’s fashion designers say. Archita Narayanam, who specializes in bridal tailoring and can customize an outfit in 24 hours, says, “I think Hyderabad’s purchasing power is insane. People like to dress more than before, they have become very fashionable. Everyone has an amazing sense of fashion and we have so many stores, so many malls.

The city has shops that create basic designs and their style is very different from that of the high end designers. “People have also started to recognize the price difference. Hyderabad likes to experiment, but the city is not yet inundated with designers, like Mumbai or Delhi. Many designers like us see the opportunity to develop here. If things go well, Hyderabad will surely be the next fashion capital, ”Archita shares.

Another big name in the industry, Ganesh Nallari, has seen many designers open their businesses in Hyderabad. “Today, ready-made clothes are not very trendy, people want to sit with the designer and make personalized clothes. They also want to experiment more with their creations ”, explains Ganesh, specialist in Indian ethnic sewing. Ganesh further shares that people are more aware of their appearance and presentation. “A lot of times they try to emulate movie stars, which is wrong. I understand that this is how trends start. But your clothes have to reflect your personality. This is something that is particularly close to my heart.” , shares the designer who focuses more on sustainable fashion.

Ganesh Nallari

Ganesh hopes to see more people experience fashion, not only at events but also in everyday life. “Fashion in a city changes when people start to experiment with streetwear. Many young people are still not open to this idea. Everything is limited to big functions or parties. This change will be a big step for a city like Hyderabad.

Meanwhile, Anushre e Reddy, who started her journey as a keychain designer, says people gradually started to like what they saw, especially modern, minimalist brides, who wanted to wear their wedding attire. more than one time. The shift to bridal couture was organic. Sharing what prompted her to choose the city to launch her label, she said: “I’m from Hyderabad, so it’s like a tribute to my heritage.

Hyderabad is emerging as a promising fashion destination as it was for some time a shopping epicenter in South India. The market has changed a lot, most of the designers have their stores here. People are well versed, they know their season and their fashion. Finding your signature style is important and once you do, you grow from there and do your best in the space. Finding the signature style is the hardest part, which we did at an early stage. So we always innovate from there. Hyderabad is almost here when it comes to becoming the next fashion capital, ”she says.

A walk through Banjara and Jubilee Hills will give you a glimpse of Hyderabad’s burgeoning couture culture. With many designers settling here, the city is emerging as a major fashion hub. We talk to some of the top designers to find out more


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