Texas has a sales tax holiday for you

Sales taxes, which are 8.25% in most Texas counties, will be left on receipts next weekend in Texas on purchases of all kinds of big ticket items.

The next step is the Waiver of Energy Star sales tax. It arrives on Memorial Day weekend, Saturday, May 28, and ends at midnight on Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day). Air conditioners, refrigerators, ceiling fans, washing machines and dryers are on the zero-rated list. It makes sense to check the list before shopping. Water heaters are not on the list, nor are wine fridges and other beverage coolers, for example.

And there are price limits such as $6,000 on air conditioners and a refrigerator must be priced at $2,000 or less.

There are two other sales tax exemptions in Texas.

The biggest is called Texas Sales Tax Holiday and it’s from august 5th to 7th for clothes, shoes and school supplies.

Last month there was a shopping list that any apocalyptic or survivalist would find irresistible. But it’s really just for anyone who likes to be prepared. The sales tax exemption for emergency supplies is designed for those unpredictable times in Texas during impending misfortune and disaster. Think of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, the deep freeze in Texas in 2021, and the most frequent tornadoes.

Fuel containers, ladders and portable generators are on the list. The same applies to flashlights, batteries, but other items such as chainsaws, camp stoves and supplies are not tax exempt.

Hatchets and axes are on the list. Firearms and ammunition are not. Neither are food survival kits, as food is not taxed in Texas. So if your source of dehydrated potato slices with a 25-year shelf life collects sales tax, they pocket that money and must be reported.

Gun safety equipment is tax free year round in Texas.

“The sale, storage, use, and other consumption of firearm safety equipment is tax-exempt,” according to the Texas Comptroller’s website. “This includes but not limited to gun lock box, gun safe, barrel lock, trigger lock, gun safety training manual or an electronic publication, or any other item designed to ensure the safe handling or storage of a firearm.”

Now you know. Plan your purchases accordingly.

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