Stellantis: Shop & Charge: for a more sustainable lifestyle, do your electric shopping

Contribute concretely to adopting a more sustainable way of life. This is the objective of the Shop & Charge project, which today announced its first results.

Make a concrete contribution to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. It is the purpose of the Buy and recharge project, which has just announced its first results.

Created in collaboration with To be Loada company Plénitude (Eni), crossroads Italy and the Stellantide The e-Mobility, Shop & Charge Business Unit was launched in December 2020, with the aim of promoting the dissemination of e-mobility solutions by setting up Be Charge charging stations at Carrefour points of sale throughout Italy. Reduced rates and exclusive advantages are also available for customers of the New Fiat 500, the 100% electric model produced in Turin.

Since the launch of Shop & Charge, more than 5,000 electric charging sessions have been carried out, by around 1,500 drivers who have consumed more than 70,000 kWh of energy, i.e. nearly 60 tonnes of CO2 gap

. After taking these first steps, Buy and recharge turns out to be aimportant project

allowing customers to devote the time needed to recharge the batteries to daily tasks such as shopping, thus facilitating the transition to electric mobility. Courtesy ofBuy and recharge drivers of a New 500 can use up to112 charging stations installed by Be Charge in the car parks of 25 selected intersection points of sale

around Italy. In July 2021, 60 charging stations were in service: 52 others set up in less than eight months testify to the speed with which the project is progressing. By this agreement, Stellantide aims to promote sustainable behaviors among New 500 customers, who can exclusively build Carrefour loyalty points

faster by buying Carrefour-branded organic products and charging their car with discounts in the network’s electrified car parks. The project, which started with Fiat’s first all-electric model, could soon be extended to other electric and electrified Stellantis models, given that almost

a quarter of the charges from the Be Charge terminals installed in Carrefour Italy points of sale were carried out by Group customers. ForCarrefour Italy the implementation of this project represents a new stage in its Acting for food

environmental sustainability strategy, demonstrating an awareness of its important role as one of the key retail players that can promote sustainability throughout its supply chain. Thanks to this cooperation with the automotive world and mass distribution, Be charged

remains a big name in the development of one of the largest and most widespread public electric vehicle charging infrastructure networks in Italy and Europe. Stellantis estimate made on the basis of the 70,000 kWh of energy released by the Shop & Charge charging stations and the approved consumption of the New 500 BEV in the combined WLTP cycle (13 kWh/100 km) and CO

2 emissions of the 500 Hybrid in the combined cycle (105 g/km).

SOURCE: Stellantide

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