State rations beer as demand outstrips supply | Kolkata News

Kolkata: The government has started rationing the supply of beer to retail outlets and bars following a crisis due to limited supply and high demand. Total beer consumption in April was around 20 lakh cases, which was the highest recorded so far in the state. However, sources within the state government said the demand was even greater. “The demand could be 23 lakh-24 lakh cases,” a government source said.
A delegation of many bar owners and non-store shop owners had met with excise officials last week to draw officials’ attention to the fact that large retailers and bars were picking up the stock which is in short supply anyway and that the others were left high up. and dry, which interfered with their business.
The government has decided to allocate stock to outlets based on their sales figures with the aim of providing an equal amount to retailers and bars. Government sources said this system would continue until the crisis was resolved. “There are supply issues due to the disruption in January this year for Omicron and the change in distribution model,” an official added.
“There is a big beer crisis due to shortage of supply and high demand. Some of the large retail stores, bars and other outlets were picking up the entire supply, leaving bars and shops smaller and medium ones with very little stock. A few days ago we met with the excise officers and explained the problem to them. We are glad that they have decided to allocate the stock based on the sales of every outlet,” said the owner of a South Kolkata bar who was part of the group who met excise officials.
The department then researched the sales details of each outlet and allocated inventory proportionately. Currently, outlets have been asked to pick up their quota every week.
“Two weeks ago I only got 20% of the requirement as the big players had taken the entire stock. But this week the situation has improved although the supply is well below the request,” said the owner of a bar in central Kolkata.
Meals and drinks in bars were also affected after they resumed in March.
“A lot of customers walk out after being told we don’t have beer on the menu. Very few are interested in other drinks. Overall business has taken a hit,” the owner said. a bar on Park Street.

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