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In each edition we will share the catwalk trends, brought to you by local retailers modeled by local readers and street style spots, looking at the individual style that is already all over our wonderful city!

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It’s been a funny year, hasn’t it? In these incredible circumstances we have lived in, being charitable seems to have shone through every rainbow in every street. The fashion industry has always struggled to be seen as charitable, with so many manufacturers and designers sending unused fabrics to landfill or instead burning them to find a second home. Although the tide is turning and fashion is increasingly driven by a sense of community.

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Natasha Meldrum, a performer from Sheffield

Natasha Meldrum, a performer from Sheffield

There is nowhere better positioned in South Yorkshire to highlight a long life for unwanted clothing than The Suit Works, based in Kelham in Sheffield.

Created in 2016, the association supports unemployed people of all ages with a free styling session and an outfit to wear during the interview to help them regain self-confidence in their return to work. In their building, it is a treasure trove of donations, for male and female clients, and they rely on donations from the general public.

“We’re so lucky to receive so many donations, and it’s a great way to keep clothes from being thrown away or going to landfill. We accept anything if it still looks stylish enough to wear, ”said Vanda Maddison, who founded the association.

We stopped by to learn more about their latest venture at The Boutique Works charity.

Natasha Meldrum, a performer from Sheffield

This is a huge selection of clothes that have been donated to the charity, but are not quite suitable for job interviews, so they have been put aside to be available to the general public to purchase. through their website, and what range they have.

It has everything from vintage dresses and shirts to glamorous Main Street evening wear and very unique one-of-a-kind pieces. Everything is in perfect condition and at a very reasonable price. Often pre-liked can be slightly off trend or a step back, not here! We wish we had snapped up this beautiful dress shown in the photographs.

“I have to attend my first post-Covid wedding and I am so happy with this dress. I live locally so I used click and collect to pop down today, ”said Natasha Meldrum, an artist from Sheffield. “I’m even more excited now that I’ve come to pick it up and seen how much my purchase really helps the charity. It did me good !

The dress Natasha bought is a gorgeous vintage floral print tea dress and is perfect for a summer wedding. The fabric is a delicate chiffon, perfect for those hot days ahead and the floral print is so understated and pretty.

This is a great initiative to help the charity raise the funds it needs to continue helping people dress for success – over 625 people have been helped so far!

“Our new business with The Boutique Works really supports our philosophy of clothes that never go to waste, but not only that you can buy something really unique cheaply and help us as a charity too – c ‘is win-win! ” said Faye Mellors who works for the association.

With a starter clothing selection like the one we saw when we looked, The Boutique Works online store will definitely be on our radar looking for a bargain and let our own charity rainbow shine through.

Tip: Use a decorative handbag to really add a splash of color to an outfit


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