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Try it and don’t like it? Southeastern Grocers has it all. The Jacksonville, Florida-based grocer offers a money-back guarantee on more than 8,000 private label products, including its SE Grocers, Prestige, Essentials and Naturally Better lines.

With prices rising each month as COVID-19 continues to affect supply and demand, the “Try it, Like it or Get Your Money Back” campaign is said to entice customers to try private label products as they go. are looking for ways to save money while receiving quality produce, the grocer said in a statement.

In a recent survey, IRI found that 56% of primary grocery shoppers were somewhat concerned about food price inflation, while 28% said they were very concerned.

Our partners and clients are at the center of everything we do, that is why we are continually working to improve our offerings to provide the highest quality products at a competitive price, ”said Gayle Shields, Vice President of Pharmacy and Private Label. “With over 8, 000 available products via our SE, Prestige grocery stores, Essential and Naturally Better product lines, we encourage our customers to try it, like it or get your money back.

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Offer customers an additional incentive to to try SE Grocery Products—Of which 99% of customers to notice are equal To or better than similar products of national brands, according to the grocer’s recent consumer surveyand to encourage a good start to the school year while to giveis lying back to the local community, Southeastern Grocers in August will match every purchase from SE Grocers cereals with a donation of SE Grocers cereal to local feeding America partner food banks (Up to $ 50,000).

In addition to staple foods like grains, the SE Grocers brand includes products such as paper towels, crisps, biscuits and baby food. SE Grocers also offers customers save on original indulgentRecipe some products under the SE Grocers Prestige label, with products such as SE Grocers Prestige Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream, SE Grocers Apple Caramel Pie and SE Grocers Naturally Better Organic Canned Strawberries.

Twinning week

This week, the retailer is also promoting value through the ‘Twinn’ program of its Winn-Dixie stores. Week ”, celebration, the grocer official holiday buy one, get one. Over 1,000 items, including many SE Grocers products, will be part of the BOGO event, and customers are encouraged to donate their free item to partner with the store’s local food bank to help their community.

Southeastern Grocers, the parent company and headquarters of Fresco y Mas, Harveys Supermarket and Winn-Dixie, is one of the largest conventional supermarket companies in the United States. Its grocery stores, liquor stores, and in-store drugstores serve communities in five states in Southeast Alabama. , Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi.


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