Sahaj Retail plans two Lakh outlets by 2022


Sahaj Retail Ltd plans to expand its presence by launching nearly two lakh outlets by the end of 2022.

The brand offers e-learning, healthcare, financial and a host of other G2C (government to consumer) and B2C (business to consumer) services in rural villages.

At present, Sahaj has nearly 1.5 lakh of service centers in 23 states and provides IT infrastructure through its phygital outlets in rural markets. The company grew exponentially in FY21 due to its unique service offering and value propositions.

Today, Sahaj Retail is one of the largest distributors of products and services in rural India. It wants to strengthen its presence by creating outlets in 30 states and adding nearly two lakh service centers by 2022.

The chain provides a host of products and services, including e-learning, travel reservations and utility bill payments, and recently partnered with the Zee5 OTT platform to meet the needs.
entertainment needs of the underserved rural market.

The company is also exploring the possibility of introducing telemedicine services to centers in Sahaj, where rural citizens can get medical advice from a list of doctors clustered across the country.

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