RSU 13 After-School Program Named 2022 Upcycle Challenge Finalist

ROCKLAND — RSU 13’s afterschool program with The Landing Place is one of three finalists vying for the top prize in ecomaine’s 2022 School-Based Upcycle Challenge, which will award $500 to a participating student’s school.

The Upcycle challenge asks students from ecomaine communities to use items that would normally have been thrown away to make new and functional ones. ecomaine’s Outreach & Recycling Committee selected the finalists, based on the incorporation of post-consumer materials, the ingenuity and functionality of the new creation, the inclusion of students in the process, as well as the approval of a teacher or counselor.

The Landing Place program created “one-of-a-kind aprons” from old jeans.

The other two finalists are:

Aurora Milton, Cape Elizabeth High School: A pair of upcycled street style pants made from an old curtain and old clothes

Aria Pines and Casco Bay High School: Waste to Art Intensive

“As with the submission for the past two years, the ingenuity and creativity of Maine students is so impressive,” ecomaine communications manager Matt Grondin said in a press release. “We look forward to seeing the results of our public online vote.”

Finalists will be chosen by online user votes up until Earth Day, April 22, and the grand prize will be awarded to the school club or activity of their choice.

About ecomaine

ecomaine is a Portland-based nonprofit waste-to-energy and recycling operation that serves one-third of the state’s population in more than 70 member communities through single-sort recycling, organic waste programming/ food, energy recovery from waste and an “ashfill” landfill. Over the past year, ecomaine has reached over 60,000 school children and members of the public through grants, tours, presentations and events to promote sustainability in waste management.

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