Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s Most Iconic Style Moments

Ever since their undeniably passionate performance at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, it seems like A$AP Rocky’s romance with Barbadian singer and designer Rihanna was simply imminent. The release of Rocky’s “Fashion Killa” music video shortly after only teased fans even more. Although they’ve both had their fair share of relationships, this romantic connection — and the coordinated outfits that followed — had to happen. It took the couple nearly seven years to come to terms with their true chemistry, but Rihanna and Rocky wasted no time making appearances. Certified fashion enthusiasts in their own right, the artists’ relationship has spawned some legendary looks, not to mention a soon-to-be baby with an equally high-fashion wardrobe.

While Rihanna is widely known for her groundbreaking style and her Fenty designs, Rocky is no stranger when it comes to making a name for herself in the fashion world. Founder of creative agency AWGE, Rocky collaborated with luxury brand Marine Serre on an eco-sustainable collection made from regenerated materials. In his song “Multiply,” the rapper describes his fashion sense: “I’m a trendsetter, you don’t even see that,” which couldn’t be more accurate. Rocky started some of the biggest trends – he was one of the first rappers to design a bandana as a “babushka” in 2019, which then became a treasured accessory for spring and summer. Rocky’s bold personal style combined with his laid-back yet collected and balanced aura completely completes the look of his fashionable beau.

Rihanna is not only the idea behind the coveted brand Fenty, but also a street style legend for today’s generation. As if her quirky style wasn’t iconic enough, the business mogul’s pregnancy unlocked her unparalleled ability to forever elevate the style of motherhood. Ever since the world found out Rihanna was waiting when she announced in a vintage Chanel puffer jacket and body jewelry on the streets of Harlem, the internet has been eagerly waiting for her on every outing. Since then, she’s developed a signature of showing off her bump in all of her looks, from the silver Coperni bra top to the red Alaïa catsuit she donned on the cover of Vogue.

Ultimately, while the two musicians possess an individual style that’s nothing short of iconic, their complementary looks proved that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are made for each other. From their heartwarming moments on PDA to sitting front row at Fashion Week’s liveliest runways, the dynamic duo have revolutionized the way celebrity couples dress as we know it.

Ahead, scroll for moments that push the boundaries of the hottest couple in the world.

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