Netflix’s Dating Around: Brazil Review: Various But Not Fun


Meetings Around: Brazil is the latest reality TV series on Netflix, directed by Cassia Dian.

If you thought Too hot to handle it was bad, wait and watch Meetings Around: Brazil. So, the basic idea is that singles of different genders and sexual orientations have blind dates with five different people and then decide who they are most compatible with. The series has 6 episodes, and there is someone new looking for a partner in each one.

It’s the most tasteless show I’ve seen, and I really love watching silly stuff. Everyone on the show is extremely gorgeous, without a doubt, but the conversations are repetitive and you can see they take action. It’s creepy after a while.

The most hilarious part of Meetings Around: Brazil is that the people in the background are the same on every date. So it’s not clear how the dates go, but if I take into account that each of the 5 dates is on different days then the “participant” is supposed to be wearing different clothes, right? ? Or do they take place on the same day? But that is not possible, because then they would die of alcohol poisoning. But whatever the clothes and alcohol, background people should at least be different, right? It’s just lazy, or a stupid oversight.

I think after the first or second episode you can get a glimpse of the conversation. They are variations of the same questions, and the answers do not differ too much from each other. I could even predict some answers sometimes, they were so predictable.

Additionally, not all people associated with dating usually recognize the camera that’s in their face, but will look at it in the most awkward moments. It also doesn’t help that most of the time the camera zooms in on their faces. It’s so embarrassing.

I think my most favorite episode was episode 2, You are so arrogant! Model and artistic director Dieter is looking for a partner and their conversations are entertaining. I think about episode 4, Look at me, Jota was also interesting, but then, I might be a little biased with this one. The least interesting was probably Episode 6 – Paulo’s connection with the 5 ladies lacked any spark. While yes, this is all probably (certainly) scripted, they did a terrible job.

It’s one of those shows that just might become your guilty pleasures. However, honestly, Too hot to handle it does a better job at that. Meetings Around: Brazil gets too boring too soon, and there just isn’t enough to occupy you. The conversations lack depth, and they’re all the same. The participants are only too hot and bother to get into each other’s pants. It would have been an outrageous thing to watch as well, but all of them lack sexual chemistry – we can’t see it at all.

In summary : Meetings Around: Brazil

Meetings Around: Brazil

This is only the first season of Meetings Around: Brazil. I wonder what new things they can incorporate into it, if they decide to go further with the series. There’s nothing new to offer except maybe to have a lot of people on the show. It’s nice to look at and it’s quite cool. However, it’s hilarious that participants are all saying this ‘blind date’ is new as they denigrate Tinder. I mean, it’s still kind of the same.

Probably give it a jump if you plan on watching more reality TV. He doesn’t gossip a lot and the conversations aren’t fun enough to generate interest.

Meetings Around: Brazil is streaming on Netflix.

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