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PENNSYLVANIA – As coronavirus cases and hospitalizations increase in the United States, many retailers in Pennsylvania and other cities are resuming mask warrants to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

New mask requirements come as the highly contagious delta variant continues to surge across the country.

Many retailers are giving revised mandates to the CDC’s new mask guidelines, which recommend that all vaccinated and unvaccinated people wear masks in indoor public places or in areas of “substantial” or “high” transmission; However, most do not require fully immunized clients to wear face covers.

The CDC defines “substantial” transmission as 50 to 99.99 cases per 100,000 people over seven days, while “high” transmission is defined as more than 100 cases per 100,000 during this period.

Here’s a look at which Pennsylvania retailers now require masks and who should wear them, according to a list compiled by the AARP and various news outlets:

Who Should Be Covered: Face covers are mandatory for unvaccinated customers and employees, and optional for vaccinated customers.

Who Should Mask: Citing a memo to employees, Bloomberg reported that Apple has reinstated the mask requirement for buyers and staff at most of its outlets in the United States.

Who Should Mask: Employees, customers and visitors are required to wear masks regardless of their immunization status.

Bed bath and beyond
Who Should Mask: A mask warrant remains in place for buyers and employees, but exempts fully immunized customers “in places in the United States where local law or order permits.”

BJ Wholesale
Who Should Mask: While masks are optional for fully vaccinated customers and employees, unvaccinated individuals and all buyers and staff in BJ’s optical departments are required to wear masks.

Who Should Be Covered: Face coverings are mandatory for employees and customers who are not fully immunized, and optional for those who are.

Home deposit
Who should hide: The retailer has issued a mask requirement for “all associates, contractors and salespeople” at its US stores. All customers will be asked to wear masks.

Who Should Mask: Kohl’s requires all employees in counties at substantial or high risk of transmission to wear masks when in-store. The company has also requested that customers in these areas wear masks.

Who Should Mask: Lowe employees are required to wear masks at all locations. During this time, customers are encouraged to wear masks as well.

Who Should Mask: McDonald’s has demanded that all customers and employees wear masks in locations in areas where COVID-19 transmission rates are high or substantial.

Who Should Mask: The retailer requires face masks where required and for those who are not vaccinated.

Who Should Hide: Starbucks “strongly recommends” that customers wear face coverings regardless of their immunization status. Masks are required when required by law or local regulations. From August 5, all partner stores must wear face coverings.

Who Should Be Covered: Target requires face coverings for all team members and strongly recommends face coverings for all clients in areas at high or high risk of transmission.

TJX companies
Who needs to hide: The parent company of TJMaxx, Marshalls, Sierra and HomeGoods requires all unvaccinated employees and customers to wear face covers, which remain optional for fully vaccinated customers.

Who Should Mask: The company says masks “may be required” at Verizon locations and that its outlets follow “CDC guidelines and legal requirements.”

Who should hide: Employees, regardless of their immunization status, should hide. Unvaccinated customers and employees are asked to continue to wear masks.

Who Should Mask: All employees should wear face coverings, regardless of their immunization status. Masks are encouraged for fully vaccinated customers and mandatory for unvaccinated ones.

Whole foods
Who Should Mask: Masks are mandatory for customers and unvaccinated employees. Masks are optional for clients and employees who have been vaccinated.

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