How to get rich from your old wardrobe

Even if you don’t like or understand the appeal of Kim Kardashian / Zendaya / Megan The Horse or whatever she is called, the fact remains that what these women wear is very influential, especially among the younger generation – the natural customers of midlife clothing. may have worn in their youth. Y2K style (meaning the clothes you wore in the 2000s) is popular because of them, which means it fetches a premium on resale sites like eBay and Depop. Will you wear those combat pants again with all the suspenders hanging down? Would you rather eat a cockroach than expose your belly in something low? In that case, it might be time to dispatch these wardrobe pariahs. According to Danielle Mass, who sells on Depop as @remass, mini skirts, asymmetrical tops and graphic tees from the 2000s are selling well. Brands most in demand on Depop: Juicy Couture, Von Dutch, Timberland, True Religion and any crescent-shaped handbag. Or even better, a croissant: if you are the proud owner of a croissant or a Fendi baguette, now would be a good time to sell. Ebay, meanwhile, reports that the top five most searched brands in March were Rolex, Stone Island, Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

Don’t neglect your shopping on the main street

You probably already know that Hermès and Chanel have excellent resale value, and the annual growth rate of a Chanel Classic Flap bag has held steady at 6.5% over the past 30 years. Yeah, it would be nice if we could all pull Granny’s Birkin out of our closets, put it on the Dressing Room and make enough money for a week in Ibiza, but if your wardrobe is full of high street as opposed to top of range, don’t give it up. But consider ditching the Ghost, especially if it’s from when founder Tanya Sarne designed it. Any Ghost that comes from the 1980s or 90s is likely to fetch a bounty: so are outdated brands such as Clockhouse, Morgan, Tammy Girl or Dolcis (if you’re too young to remember them the first time, look them up on Google or ask your mother).

Now that Topshop is no longer present on our high street (although it is still available online through its new owner, ASOS), you may find that your pre-loved Topshop purchases are worth more than you expect, as the scarcity and scarcity always generate demand. If you own something from Kate Moss’ debut collection for Topshop, you might even touch the ground. The 9th most searched brand on eBay last month? Zara.

Don’t neglect the clothes you bought for your children

Have they grown yet? Yes, it seems they did. Most parents would agree that buying new clothes for their children, especially in the early years, is like throwing money down the drain. Fortunately, the child resale market is booming. In addition to the recent addition of Marks & Spencer, sites such as Little Luxuries, Sweet Pea Preloved and Lotsalove are booming. According to Laura Roso Virdequin, founder of the peer-to-peer resale site Kids o’Clock, the brands that best hold their value are French: Bonpoint, Tartine & Chocolat or Bobo Choses (the site recently sold a Bonpoint snowsuit for £130 ) .

The big French brands are also selling well, such as Bout Chou or Petit Bateau. But don’t overlook any classic, timeless items your kids might have grown up with, no matter where they came from. “Floral blouses, denim overalls and/or wool sailor sweaters are our cult items that parents buy for their children.”

Not ready to sell? Rent your clothes instead.

Even though you’ll never wear that unfortunate orange dress again, you kinda like it. You wore it when the man you shouldn’t have left for your husband offered it to you. We can all be sentimental about our clothes. They are where our memories live. But that’s no reason not to make them work for you. If you don’t want to sell them, consider renting them out instead. Forbes estimates the fashion rental industry to be worth £269 billion by 2025.

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