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A guillotine outside the Arizona State Capital. A Democratic governor burnt in effigy in Oregon. Lawmakers were evacuated as pro-Trump crowds gathered in state capitals of Georgia and New Mexico. Long live Idaho as the crowds were told their fellow citizens were “taking the Capitol” and “removing” Mike Pence, the vice president.

As a crowd of thousands stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan.6, Trump supporters threatened lawmakers and their fellow citizens in cities across the country. Compared to the violent crowd in Washington, pro-Trump crowds elsewhere in the country were much smaller, drawing tens to hundreds of people. But they used the same extreme rhetoric, labeling both Democratic politicians and Republicans perceived to be disloyal to Trump as “traitors.”

As the FBI warns of plans for further armed protests in Washington and all 50 state capitals in the days leading up to Biden’s inauguration, and Fresh Calls for extreme violence are circulating on social media forums, the intensity of nationwide pro-Trump protests and attacks last week are testament to what could happen next.

Some of Wednesday’s pro-Trump protests did not turn violent. The dozens of Trump supporters who entered the Kansas state capital remained peaceful, according to many the news. In Carson City, Nevada, hundreds of Trump supporters drank beer and listened to rock music while denouncing the election results, the Reno Gazette Journal reported.

But in Los Angeles, white Trump supporters assaulted and ripped off the wig the head of a young black woman who passed by chance their demonstration of January 6, the The Los Angeles Times reported. A white woman was captured on video holding the wig and shouting “Fuck BLM!” And, “I did the first scalping of the New Civil War.”

In Ohio and Oregon, fighting erupted between counter-protesters and members of the Proud Boys, the neo-fascist group Trump had ordered in September to “step back and be ready.” The Proud Boys are also said to have demonstrated in Utah, California, Florida and Caroline from the south.

And in Washington state, Trump supporters, some armed, pushed through the door of the governor’s residence and stormed the lawn from the home of Democrat Jay Inslee. In Georgia, where lawmakers were evacuated of the state capital, members of the III% security forces militia, a group known for its anti-Muslim activism, had gathered outside.

Members of militias, neo-Nazis and other right-wing extremists have discussed several potential dates of armed protests in the coming days, according to researchers who monitor extremist groups, with proposals ranging from rallies or attacks on capital cities of State to a “Million Militia March” in Washington. .

The FBI newsletter warned of possible armed protests from January 16 “at least” until inauguration day on January 20, but researchers say energy had yet to come together around a single event . Public social media forums where Trump supporters have gathered to discuss the plans are rife with dramatic and contradictory rumors, but experts say more concrete plans are likely being made in private and in smaller forums that are more difficult to find. infiltrate.

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