DC Singh collaborates with the biggest fashion brands and the best football clubs

From humble origins in India to a successful entrepreneur and multi-business owner, Didar Singh Chalana, known as DC, is the epitome of success. Through hard work and determination, DC has built a vast empire from the ground up, including fashion design, manufacturing, real estate development, and ingenious apps. It took more than fourteen years of hard work for DC to get to where it is today.

DC’s passion for business was sparked while working as a retail assistant in Edinburgh in 2008. Edinburgh is renowned worldwide for fashion in cashmere and lambswool and, due to its attention to detail, DC immediately recognized that there was a gap in the market for higher quality products. As a result, DC founded Edinburgh Cashmere, and it hasn’t looked back since.

Today, Edinburgh Cashmere enjoys an international reputation for excellence and is one of the most acclaimed manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of luxury cashmere and lambswool fashion in the UK, Europe and the United States. United States with millions of scarves, stoles, capes and blankets produced each year. DC attributes the huge success of Edinburgh Cashmere to their passion for excellent quality and thoroughness. Additionally, Edinburgh Cashmere will soon open flagship stores in the UK, US, France, UAE and Japan.


However, DC didn’t stop at Edinburgh Cashmere. Eager to build their fashion empire, DC also launched successful menswear brand, DC Milan. Like Edinburgh Cashmere, the brand is focused on providing consumers with high quality products. DC personally designs and manufactures each item to the highest standards to ensure individuality and longevity. The brand symbolizes class, sophistication, strength and power through its many unique designs, as DC wants its consumers to feel empowered while wearing its clothes.


DC’s unique designs and passion for superior quality have earned it an outstanding reputation around the world. Most recently, DC signed lucrative deals with high-end fashion houses in Italy and France, as well as premier league football clubs. His unique creations such as the DC Classic Plaid Scarf, DC Monogram Stole, Cape DC, Reversible Thistle Scarf, Highland deer stole, Milan Cloak and DC Classic Plaid Blankethave been featured in luxury magazines Vogue, Tatler, GQ and Grazia.

Due to its success in fashion, DC has further expanded its empire into real estate development. DC has worked with lucrative developers and investors to create a sought-after portfolio of residential and commercial properties around the world. Given the current climate, DC is developing environmentally friendly solutions for use in the construction industry that will directly benefit businesses and the consumer.


DC’s entrepreneurial flair continues to grow as it also launches a unique DC Tasty fast food franchise. Unlike other fast food franchises, DC Tasty will provide healthy and nutritious fast food. DC has worked with leading chefs and nutritionists for more than five years to ensure that every food is exactly what it needs.

Not stopping at food franchises, DC is also developing a taxi app. DC’s exceptional ideas are important as he plans to develop an app that will help drivers earn more money while customers save money.


DC’s success as a multifaceted entrepreneur is certainly inspiring. It just goes to show that hard work and perseverance pays off in many ways.

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