Chanel fall-winter 2022: revisiting the iconic shows of the French luxury house over the years

The very definition of haute couture, Chanel has time and time again challenged accepted ideas when it comes to presenting its collection on the catwalks. Making seasons and outfits its muse, the fashion house bets on innovation and grandeur. From incorporating giant icebergs to a dollhouse, every track has been an expression of art. Over the years, Chanel has taken it up a notch with its over-the-top fashion shows at the Grand Palais in Paris.

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Taking to Instagram, the high-end luxury brand recently unveiled its Fall/Winter 2022/23 collection from French designer Virginie Viard, and it’s truly enchanting. But before we get swept away by the sheer magic that Chanel has created this year, let’s take a look back at some of the brand’s most iconic fashion shows over the years.

Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

(Source: Chanel/Twitter)

Designer Karl Lagerfeld transformed an everyday run into a cutting-edge fashion show by creating Chanel Supermarket. The aisles were full of Chanel branded groceries and real produce.

Spring/Summer 2016 collection

Summer is synonymous with vacation when everyone turns into tourists and books flights to their next destination. Chanel took on the responsibility of transforming Palais into a Chanel Airlines which created a runway for high fashion instead of airplanes.

A well-designed stage, it had all the aesthetics in place, from the check-in kiosks to the ticket agents who were all male models. The highlight of the show was the models walking around with Chanel suitcases.

Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

(Source: Chanel/Twitter)

By designing an all-white backdrop, the brand created its own space station equipped with a Chanel rocket that even took off for the finale.

Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

(Source: Chanel/Twitter)

Chanel embraced the fall season in all its glory with Lagerfeld transforming Palais into a forest of tall trees and leafy ground.

Spring/Summer 2019 collection

A rejuvenating moment spent at the beach is all one craves during the summer season, and Chanel has understood this very well with Lagerfeld transforming Palais into Chanel By The Sea.

(Source: Chanel/Twitter)

A beach affair with the sand, the ocean and its own lifeguard on duty, the brand had its models walk barefoot, carrying their shoes in their hands on the sandy runway.

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