Aldi is expanding its stores significantly – Here’s what you need to know

This month, Louisiana will get its first Aldi location according to a press release from the company, making it the 38th state to have fun. The discount chain is also expected to open two additional stores on the Gulf Coast and 20 more stores across the region in 2022. That’s a lot of new shelves to stock. To support the added stores, Alabama will soon have a new regional Aldi distribution center. This means that in addition to great prices on groceries, the region will create approximately 500 jobs for the accelerated operation.

Aldi USA CEO Jason Hart thinks newcomers to the store will be delighted. “There’s nothing like seeing buyers experience ALDI for the first time… There’s a moment of surprise when they realize how much they can save by buying from us,” he said. he stated in the company’s press release. The chain certainly has a loyal fanbase, and FoodSided even compiled a list of reasons it’s “the super fun grocery store,” including low prices, availability of gluten-free items, and abundance of items. of the season. Of course, there are also some great things at Aldi like piñata apples and frozen enchiladas – if you know, you know, if you’re in the Southeast, you might find out soon!

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